Cherry: Chapter 12

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"It's a little on the small side," Phil said.

"You're one to talk," Cherry shot back.

Phil's eyebrows arched so high they looked like they were about to fly off his forehead. "What's that supposed to mean?"

Cherry edged a little closer to Brad. "Your apartment, Phil. It's not much bigger than my dorm room."

"Why?" Brad asked. "What did you think she meant?"

Ignoring Brad's questions, Phil said, "At least I don't have to share my bachelor pad with another person."

Brad laughed. "I'd give my right arm to share a ten-by-ten-foot room with a pretty blonde college girl."

"I hope you're talking about me," Cherry said.

Brad launched his arm around her shoulder. "Actually, I was talking about your roommate. What's her name? Gem?"

"Ruby. And if you want a prude, god, that girl..."

"What's a prude, in your mind?" Phil sat on Ruby's bed, gazing down at Cherry and Brad, who were sitting on the small strip of carpet. "If your roommate doesn't 'accidentally' sneak into your bed in the middle of the night, you automatically assume she's a prude?"

"She is a prude!" Cherry swatted his thigh, and found herself staring, slack-jawed, when an erection tented his pants. "She's a virgin, you know."

"Is she? Yeah, I totally would have guessed that. She looks like a virgin." Brad obviously hadn't noticed Phil's hard-on yet, but it was all Cherry could think about. "Well, school's only been in session a few weeks. Betcha she'll get her cherry popped by the end of term."

"Have you ever gotten a blow job in a college dorm?" Cherry asked.

"You gave me one last weekend," Brad said. "Remember? The Prude walked in on us."

"I wasn't talking to you."

Phil swallowed hard, glancing from Cherry's lips to Brad's cool expression. "Oh, I... I..."

"Probably he got face-fucked in a dorm room when he was our age," Brad said, cupping Cherry's tits as she crawled between Phil's legs. "It was just so long ago he doesn't remember."

"I hope he remembers this one." She pressed her cheek against his crotch. "Well, Daddy? Are you gonna remember this blow job?"

Tracing his fingers through her hair, he asked, "How could I forget?"

"Well, you are pretty old." Brad reached for the lube. He'd helped her move, so he knew where everything was. "Sure you're not losing your memory?"

"I remember the important stuff." Phil's eyes were closed when Cherry opened his fly. His erection popped out of his pants and landed on her tongue. "Holy fuck, Cherry. Your mouth..."

"It's hot, isn't it?" Brad pulled down her stretchy jeans and panties, but only as far as her thighs, trapping her inside her own clothing. "Cherry's got the perfect mouth. It's good at everything."

"Suck me off, Cherry-baby." Phil panted, like he was barely holding himself together. "Oh god, I've missed this."

"Me too," she said before wrapping her lips around his swollen tip.

Phil groaned as she swallowed him, and Brad replied with a groan of his own. They were in this together, bonded by the ghost of threesomes past.

As Cherry suckled sweetly at the head of Phil's lust, Brad brushed his dick between her legs. She hadn't realized how wet she'd become until his cock stroked her pussy lips, drawing juice from her slit to her clit. He rubbed her nub in tight circles, then swept it side to side, making her moan around the cock in her mouth.

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