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Marinette POV

"Girl you are so lucky I need to go meet up with someone for a project or you would be telling me why the hell you were on a picnic with Chat Noir!" Alya yelled as she scattered around her room looking for her bag. Once she found it, I walked in from of her.

"I didn't tell anyone cause not only do I not want to be the center of attention for any of the LadyBloggers or Chat Noir fans. Plus I don't really know how serious he is about me and until I do, I wanted to keep it a secret."

Alya rolled her eyes. "Fine but once you figure it out, you better come straight to me with all types of gossip."

"You'll be the first person I call." I hugged her and waved goodbye as she left. Right after I made sure she was gone, Tikki came out of my bag.

"Time to transform. Tikki, Spots on!"

After transforming, I made my way to my family's bakery. When I got there, I saw something I never thought I would see.

My home in flames.

The entire building was in flames from the bakery to the house. I noticed that everyone else already showed up. When I got the building, I noticed Chat was looking horrified.

"She's not in there. She's with Alya, not in her room." He kept mumbling to himself. He was really scared that I might have been in there if we didn't go on our picnic huh?

I placed my ha d on his shoulder and he looked at me. "Don't worry, I saw you take her to her friends house. She's safe, she actually asked me to keep you safe. She really cares about you."

He smiled and took a deep breath. After he was calm, I used my lucky charm.

"Lucky Charm!" What fell into my arms were binoculars.

"What am I suppose to do with this??" I looked around for some clues when I noticed a boy getting a little to close to the fire.

"Kid, watch out!" I tried to warn but he did t hear me. He ran until he tripped on a rock falling right into the bakery door. As soon as he touched the door, all of the smoke and fire disappeared and the building looked completely fine.

"What the?" Everyone said.

"What just happened?" Rena asked but no one, including Beatle, had the answers. I looked around till my Ladybug senses kicked in when I looked at a mirror. I looked through the binoculars and pointed them straight for the mirror only to find a sight I hated most.

"Volpina!" I yelled. Everyone looked at me then at her direction. She came from behind a building looking pissed.

"Damn it! Why must you always ruin my fun?"

"What did you hope to gain from all this? Did you think that after believing that the bakery was on fire we'd believe that entire family died or something?" Queen B yelled out.

Volpina chuckled. "Marinette is at her friend Alya's house, her twin brother Marin is at the park and their parents are out of town for the new three days. They left after Romero took Marinette out for lunch today."

At least those three are safe and away from here. I noticed that a greenish figure was hiding in the shadows. What the?

"So what's your goal? Did you want to hurt them but saw they weren't here or something? What do you have to gain for all of this?" Beatle yelled.

"Isn't it obvious? She got her powers from Hawk Moth so she wants our miraculous. Because he wants them." I said in disgust. I gasped as I my earrings flashed, signaling that I only have a few minutes left.

"So what if he does? But lucky for you, he doesn't care which Ladybug and Chat Noir Miraculous I take, but unlucky because I decided that I would aim for the original Paris hero's."

She kicked up a bow and arrow from where she was standing and aimed at us with 5 bows. As they were about to hit us, a shield blocked them from hitting us.

We all looked to see a man wearing a turtle costume. He ran alongside the building Volpina was on.

"I think you were a little off on the targets there Volpina. Maybe about 20 yards east, 150 yards south." He threw his shield and knocked the bow and arrow out of her hand then it came right back to him like a boomerang.

"Who are you, another disappointment of a hero?"

The turtle guy chuckles. "Well I'd prefer Carapace but you could call me whatever. It's not like we're friends anyway."

He threw his shield again but Volpina dodged it.

The rest of us went to help him by fighting Volpina till we finally got her. I grabbed her necklace and broke it but no butterfly came out!

"What the-?"

"Did you really think that's where the akuma was? No way it's in the same place as last time." She picked the broken necklace up. She waved her hand around it and it fixed all by itself! She put it back on and flew to another building. "Till next time! And there will be a next time!"

After she disappeared, the turtle, Carapace, walked up to me and his hand out to us.

"My name is Carapace, and I ask permission to join your team." I smiled and dropped my hand so he can shake Chat's.

"I figure you already know Chat Noir and I, but the rest are kinda new. This is LadyBeatle, Kitty Noir, Queen B, and Rena Rouge."

He smiled at all of us. I noticed I only had a minute left till I changed back so I knew I had to leave.

"Hey guys I have to go before I change back. Bug out!" I said as I swung away.

I have to get back to Alya's place before she and Chat realize I'm not there. I really hope she's not back yet.

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