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Keep My Heart- Prologue by bookwormprincess
Keep My Heart- Prologueby Morgan
When you've been hurt, it's difficult to learn to love again. When you've felt pain, it's not so easy to be joyful. When your heart has been broken, it feels impossible...
  • america
  • mutiny
  • adam
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The Map by Treacletoes
The Mapby Treacletoes
Nell Montilice has no idea what her guardian had done to her nine years ago. Nor does she know the extent he will go to get her back. Pirates of the Caribbean Fiction.
  • norrington
  • elizabeth
  • royal
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Sparrow's Starling   by XyliaIsra
Sparrow's Starling by Amarianna
A Starling and a Sparrow.... it was love at first sight for Captain Jack and Aurora Starling.... she's just a street rat.... she was born on a ship left on a random isl...
  • blackpearl
  • piratesofthecaribbean
  • tortuga
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She is a Pirate by HP0NCER
She is a Pirateby HP0NCER
She was found lying on the docks of Port Royal. With no memory of her life before and a paper with her name and day of birth, she is taken in by Governor Swann and rais...
  • love
  • potc
  • ocean
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neigh for me - krattcest by pinof8
neigh for me - krattcestby winnie
chris, who is still in his obscure white girl horse phase, cant wait to see what his older brother martin has in store for him at the barn.
  • krattbros
  • barn
  • jimmyz
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Of Raptors and Kratts by Loxodonta14
Of Raptors and Krattsby Loxodonta14
The Wild Kratts team have survived the perils of Jurassic Park, and returned to the relative safety of the Tortuga H.Q. But what they didn't realize is that they didn't...
  • chris
  • aviva
  • jimmy
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Sisters of the blacksmith and the pirate by its1eviosa
Sisters of the blacksmith and Um... hi
(Pirates of the Caribbean fanfic) Haly Turner is just the sister of Will Turner, there nothing special that's happened in her life and she likes keeping her life simple...
  • fanfiction
  • willturner
  • jack
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Everlasting Nights  by miraculous_clips
Everlasting Nights by babyyuu123
{Sequel to "Gods of Miraculous"} °°°°°°°°°°°°°°° It's been days since the Gods had their fight with Blanc and the spirit in control of his body. Ladybug and Ch...
  • hawkmoth
  • miraculousladybug
  • queenbee
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Los videos que he hecho de Miraculous Ladybug!!! by RilaZou
Los videos que he hecho de RilaZou
Aquí comparto los videos de la serie de Miraculous, algunos de recopilación, otros por diversión y algunos de teorías!!!!
  • kwami
  • niño
  • alya
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Miraculous Ladybug (MarinettexChat Noir) by Donnieboy_tmnt
Miraculous Ladybug ( Donnieboy_tmnt
Marinette Dupain-Chang leads a crazy life: always late to school, saving Paris after school (mostly), and having to deal with a new crush on a certain Kitty. As they gro...
  • miraculus
  • trix
  • voplina
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Weathered Eye by HayChubs
Weathered Eyeby HayChubs
  • tortuga
  • sparrow
  • captain
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Rencontre avec le Fabuleux Captain Jack Sparrow  by Cam00002
Rencontre avec le Fabuleux POTCFan1
Bonjour à tous 👋🏼 Voici ma première FanFiction à propos de Pirates des Caraïbes Si vous aimez cette saga et les FanFiction liées à elle, celle-ci raconte une rencontre...
  • tortuga
  • pearl
  • piratesdescaraibes
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Mercurio, el Negociador by Tortuga-L
Mercurio, el Negociadorby Tortuga
Dante es un joven mercader favorecido por los dioses. Arrogante y un poco cabezota, se piensa que el mundo está a sus pies, pero todo eso cambia cuando conoce a Pauline...
  • 1800
  • mercader
  • aventura
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This story isn't serious, if you give it an award I will personally hunt you down and strangle you
  • tortuga
  • dontgivethisanaward
  • tortilla
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Across the 1000 Oceans by redrum_XIII
Across the 1000 Oceansby Ris Hearn
Alexandria Covington is out for revenge against the most feared pirate to ever sail the seas: The Emerald Serpent. However, when she ends up on his ship, "The Blind...
  • supernatural
  • paranormal
  • sail
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Captain Jack in a Box {Pirates of the Caribbean Fanfic} by Loki__Of__Asgard
Captain Jack in a Box {Pirates Loki Of Asgard
There was this toy collector with an obsession of Johnny Depp, especially Captain Jack Sparrow. But it was old toys, not the new modern ones, more of the first action ma...
  • humor
  • pirates
  • romance
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The Immortalia by jrbourgeois
The Immortaliaby J.R. Bourgeois
After the abduction of his mother and the death of his pirate father, Léon Elliot and his siblings find themselves on a ship of their own. The new Captain Elliot has eve...
  • swashbucklingadventure
  • adventure
  • fiction
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The Trinity Guild: Sunken Legends by MysticMayhemx
The Trinity Guild: Sunken Legendsby MysticMayhemx
Pirates - the most wicked, devilish fiends of the seven seas who are seduced by golden riches, eternal fortunes and glorious adventures. Sailing the seas by day, stealin...
  • rackham
  • kiss
  • tortuga
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