After making breakfast, I sat down at the table across from him, said my prayers and began to demolish the food on my plate.

I could feel him peeking at me and my food from time to time and I was enjoying torturing him. I was being nice and made enough for the both of us but it was so good watching him literally drool over my food. Having people to cater to your every need especially cook for you all the time I almost forgot I could cook but from the way it was tasting, I hadn't lost my touch.

"Would you like some Sven?" I knew he was hungry and he was starting to irritate me with the way he kept looking even though he tried to hide it.

"I thought you would never ask," he rushed over to my side and grabbed every piece of food off my plate.

"Damn greedy! Save me some! There's more in the pan!"

He ran off with three pieces of bacon in his mouth then winked at me and I laughed. Maybe this week with him wouldn't be so bad after all.


"Pops I'm sorry but I'm still not understanding why I have to go through with this in the first place."

This was the first conversation I had with my father since I left on this little getaway with Robyn aka Jailbait. It was only day one and I was feening to go back home.

"Well son, I'm going to say it plain and simple and hopefully you will understand. Robyn's father likes to gamble and lately he hasn't been paying those debts. He's also gotten himself involved with some other females and I know his wife would not be happy about it. So, he's asked for my help and well, we know how that goes. He asked me to introduce you to his daughter so you guys can get to know each other and I agree that she'd be a good fit for you."

My father was speaking in code over the phone but I understood everything he said. Basically, Robert made a bunch of bullshit deals with other people and fronted on paying his connect back which in turn made him have to owe more money. In order to get that money back, he's decided to dabble in prostitution and get my fathers help while giving him a cut of whatever he makes as well as give me his daughters hand in marriage to make it official.

I thought this nigga was supposed to be paid out the ass so I didn't understand how he didn't have the money but I guess when you make shady deals left and right, you tend to lose out on money. I definitely knew my father would never be associated with prostitution so I knew there was some other stuff going on. I would just have to figure out what his deal was on my own.

"Papà, I understand what you're saying but I would've appreciated it if you told me what was going on from the beginning. You know I don't like being left out of the loop."

"Son, voglio solo il meglio per te. I wouldn't steer you in the wrong direction..just trust me. I've known Robert for years so I don't have a problem with helping him. Ma se mi suona, sarà un pesce," he basically said he wants the best for me and that Robert would be swimming with the fishes if he doesn't come through.

This whole shit was pissing me off even more. I had businesses to attend to as well and my father was fucking my game up. Luckily, I had my twin cousins Malcolm and Marko to help keep business booming while I was gone for the week but I needed to be out there on the street making my presence felt. Like I said, my mom tried to protect me the best she could from this lifestyle but with the father I had and the family I came from, there was no stopping me.

Trust and believe my name rang bells. I was the go-to guy for any drug you wanted in the whole state of New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania and even California. Marko and Malcolm ran my gun operation and they were twin terrors which is exactly why they were my right and left hand men. I was currently in the process of trying to expand down south. My grandfather from my moms side basically ran the Dominican Republic so I had access to the purest cocaine you could get as well as a few farms in Italy where we grew weed. My shit came straight from the fields so nobody was fucking with my shit. Because of my multi-racial background, I was able to fit in with everyone and gained a lot of peoples trust but best believe if anyone ever crossed me, they would only wish they hadn't. I would lay you down so fast you wouldn't even have time to wish, let alone pray.

My father taught me all about the drug game and I in turn molded it into a multi-million dollar business. Since my family held so much weight, I was able to sell wherever and whenever with no interruptions from the cops or even rivals. We had politicians, judges, attorneys and law enforcement on our payroll. Anybody who was down with us would always have food on their plate and I was a somewhat fair person as long as everybody does their job. I hated giving pigs my hard earned money but it was the only way they would stay off my back and anybody else associated with me. Plus, I got a lot of useful information from them whenever I needed it.

My mother instilled morals and values in me about the struggle and what it's like to be without. Although I never had to struggle a day in my life, I knew plenty of people that did so I made it my business to give back whenever I could. With my drug money I've opened homeless shelters, centers for disadvantaged children, even a retirement home. I wasn't a greedy man and was willing to give back to those that didn't have it. I also had several other business such as strip clubs, bars, and construction companies so that I could clean my money. No matter how many people I paid there would always be somebody watching and waiting for me to slip up. Especially being a young black man in America, they just waiting for me to fold.

I thank God for my mother everyday for raising me the way she did. If it wasn't for her, I'd be a straight up monster, especially if it was up to my father. She taught me how to be a man and my father taught me how to be a savage. It was a pretty good balance if you ask me. I was definitely a nice dude when I wanted and needed to be but you should be deathly afraid of my savage side. I've literally blacked out from beating a nigga to death and didn't realize I still had his blood on me until the next day. That's another reason why I don't want anything to do with Robyn.

There was a side of me that would scare her for life. Robyn was a good girl who seems like she can handle herself, shit she definitely know how to throw down in the kitchen which I can't say too many women know how but I would be too much to handle for her. If I can shield her from the other side of me, I definitely will. I would never let what we got sucked up in get to that point. Plus, she was a tad too young for me. Granted, she would be legal soon but it just wouldn't feel right to me.

To my family this was nothing personal..just business. Unfortunately, I couldn't get off easy being here so we're being forced to interact and get to know each other by this therapist that's supposed to be coming over soon. I wouldn't have to show up if my father wasn't coming to sit in on it too. He just always found a way to interfere with my life.

While my father was the head of the family business, I was basically the body of it. A lot of things had to be run by him first but I always had a say-so on it and did things as I felt they should be. My father was definitely a great businessman and was someone I came to when I had issues but I just wish he didn't try to still have a hold on me.

I sighed, "Ti voglio bene, papà."

"I love you too son. See you soon."

I just needed this week to be over already. Since I had nothing else better to do, I would try to relax and find some type of enjoyment here. I walked towards the window in my room which overlooked the pool in the backyard and saw Robyn placing her things on the lawn chair. I couldn't lie, she had pretty nice body as much as she ate earlier. I haven't had any female contact since last week with crazy ass Trina. Nah..I can admit that Robyn is attractive but I'm not even gonna look at this little girl that way. I doesn't hurt to just look..right? No..I can't. This week would definitely have to go by quickly and hopefully..I don't do something I regret.

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