Chapter 2

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"No way Daddy! I am not marrying that guy!"

"Robyn shut it now! You are marrying him! It's the only way to keep the peace between us and his family."

"I'm only 17 Daddy! I am not ready to get married yet! I don't even know who this guy is! What about school? I wanna go to college. I can't do that if I'm married and you know it!"

"School is not of importance! School is not going to take care of you, money and your future husband will. Now you're marrying Sven in a month and that's final! I don't want to hear nothing more of it! Do you understand?!"

I gave him a deathly stare. I knew there was no way I was winning this fight. I didn't want to give up but there was no way I could go against my father by myself.


I wiped the tears off my face as my father walked out of my room, slamming the door in the process.

This was the life for the women in the Santino family. Arranged marriages were a tradition in our family, most of them for various reasons. Unfortunately, this was mine. I feared that this day would come but not when I was just about to start my life. The same month I was supposed to be graduating from high school is the same month I'd be given away to some man that I didn't know at all. This was absolutely horrible! My mom is so scared of my dad she doesn't say anything when me and him have our arguments. I just don't get how she so called loves me but doesn't even fight for me when she knows that he's wrong. How can she let this happen to me?

A knock on my door startled me, "Who is it?"

"It's me."

"Come in."

My sister Ren opened the door,"Can I come in?"

"Of course babygirl, come here." I patted the empty space next to me as she closed the door and sat down beside me.

"What's up Renny? You okay?"

She shook her head then looked down.

I wrapped my arm around her, "What's wrong stink?"

"I-I overheard you and Daddy arguing. Are you - are you really getting married?"

I sighed. I really, really hated when she had to hear us bickering. That's all she ever heard growing up here. I tried my best to protect her from all of our mess the best way that I could but it just always seems to backfire. I wish she didn't have to be raised in this environment.

"Yeah Renny, apparently I have to. I really don't want to but you know, it's Dad's way or no way."

"So that means that you'll have to leave?," I heard her sniffling.

I raised her face from her chin so she could look at me. Her sparkling green eyes which were identical to mine were watery. I wrapped my arms around her and hugged her tight, never wanting to let go.

"Aw Renny baby I'm so sorry. I swear if I could stay I would. I'd take you with me but I don't think I can. I promise I'll come and visit whenever I can."

"I don't want you to leave me Robby. I'll be all alone, with them."

I knew exactly who she was referring to when she said that.

"I know stinks but remember what I told you, no matter what you speak your mind if there's something you don't like. You're not going to be a puppet for dad like how mom is. Do good in school babe because everything you learn is going to be beneficial to you in the future, trust me. Just be the amazing girl I know you are and don't let anyone try to tear you down, especially not Dad, okay?"

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