Chapter 5

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"So y'all went on vacation and you couldn't tell me girl?!" Yasmin barked through the phone.

"It was a surprise girl. I didn't even know until yesterday," I hated lying to my best and only friend but I didn't want her to know the situation I was in just yet.

If she knew, she would've busted me out of here and we would've been to Mexico by now but the way my family is, I wouldn't want her to get hurt because of me.

"Well have fun girly! And make sure you take a bunch of pictures so I know what to look forward to when you take me next time," we started laughing together and I didn't want to get off the phone with her but she had to get ready for school. I would've been there too but unfortunately, I'm stuck in this big cabin in another state with a stranger who's going to be my husband in a few weeks.

Me and Sven haven't said a word to each other since we got here or even in the car on our way here and I wasn't bothered by it at all. We were supposed to be sleeping in the master bedroom together but he gladly took one of the guest rooms downstairs, far away from me. The master bedroom had a bathroom in it as well so I only really needed to leave out of it if I was hungry. There wasn't a T.V in here but luckily there was a bookshelf filled with books that I could read for days..literally.

I walked out the room and leaned on the railing that overlooked the cabin. I couldn't deny that the cabin was very beautiful in the daytime. There were windows all throughout and the sun was slowly creeping inside through them and onto the hardwood polished floors. I would try to make the best of my time here as long as I didn't have to deal with Sven and his attitude.

Speaking of the devil, he looked up at me as he walked towards the kitchen. He didn't have a shirt on and I hated to admit it but he looked good. Maybe if he just keeps walking around like that and not saying a word, I could probably enjoy my stay here.

I went back into my room and started reading a book I started last night. A little more than five minutes later I started to get hungry and my stomach began to growl. I was considering on waiting for Sven to come out of the kitchen but the more I waited, the hungrier I got. Although I didn't want to be in his presence, I definitely wasn't going to starve myself in this room.

I went downstairs and not to my surprise, he was still here stuffing his face with a banana and reading a newspaper. I completely blocked him from my view and looked into the fridge to see what was inside.

It was a sight to behold as my mouth began to water at the fully packed stainless steel refrigerator and freezer. I had so many options and I didn't know what to choose.

"Damn what you visualizing what you gonna eat or something?"

I rolled my eyes at his comment, "Actually, I am. I'm not gonna just take something out if I'm not gonna make it."

I was glad he didn't respond because I definitely wasn't in the mood for his obnoxious remarks. I finally decided on turkey bacon, pancakes, cheese eggs and french toast and you better believe that I was going to eat all of it.

"Hm, probably don't even know how to cook," I heard Sven mumble under his breath.

I chuckled to myself. Little did he know, I got some lessons from our personal chef Luis when I was 10 years old and I was practically a pro now.

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