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Location: helicarrier.

Fury didn't like unknowns, which is why the current situation bothered him a lot. Recently S.H.I.E.L.D has received footage of people around the world also fighting the aliens, as well as others fighting in New York . However in non of them was the footage clear enough to identify them. All of them but one. It was a CCTV recording from New York, taken really close to where Captain America was stationed. It was of a child about to get squashed by rubble yet in the last second a figure covered the child and protected them, you would of expected both of them to have been killed but the figure emerged unscathed with the child in his arms. The camera was able to get a clear view of his face. It was a boy looking no older then 19 with sandy blonde hair and a cowlick that defied gravity, his unnaturally bright blue eyes were hidden behind glasses and he didn't have a single injury on him despite just being crushed by tons of rubble. Now here is the frustrating part, no matter how many files were searched and hacked this boy simply didn't exist and he was never seen again after the incident, he just vanished along with all the other mysterious figures.

He hated to admit it, but he has simply ran out of options. He contacted Stark and gave him the details of the mission. He wanted this boy found and brought in for questioning. And so the avengers next mission began....

Location: world conference, America.

Unlike most world conferences this one wasn't a chaotic bombardment of bickering and fighting and yelling, because this time it was a serious matter. Usually the meetings are scheduled for there to be one every month and no one takes them seriously, however this one was a 'called meeting' meaning it wasn't planned in advance and actually meant to discuss a serious matter rather then a routine one that their bosses force them to attend. This particular one was called by no one other then America himself, and as most expected it was regarding the alien attacks that happened a few months ago.

"So dudes, I assume you all guessed what this meeting is about, and yes it is linked to the aliens but actually it's something that could possibly endanger us all..." unlike in usual meetings he spoke clearly and every nation was paying close attention "ever since then we have had S.H.I.E.L.D on our tails and a few times they came uncomfortably close to finding us out " Everyone already knew what S.H.I.E.L.D was since it was vital information when it came to protecting their identities, in fact not many were surprised when America stated the facts "for that reason I want everyone on high alert and keep a very low profile "

The rest of the meeting went in a similar fashion with nations discussing between each other how they will keep themselves invisible and sharing ideas. Nations who were particularly skilled with computers such as Estonia were tasked to set up extra anti-hacking mechanisms to protect the documents and even to counter hack some of S.H.I.E.L.Ds attempts and make them invisible again. Some nations even opted to get their governments involved which turned out to be a much better idea then some expected. All in all, this meeting was serious and once all was done and discussed the nations parted and returned to their homes.

Location: Alaska, America's house.

"Duuude that meeting was exhausting" The American commented while flopping down on the couch.

"Shouldn't you be setting up the defences?" His twin brother Canada asked quietly.

"What? I've already done that! Cuz you know, the hero will never be caught off guard NAHAHAHAH " America laughed his iconic obnoxious laugh while Canada rolled his eyes at his brothers childishness, but he couldn't help but smile slightly.

"Alright then... I should probably get to my own-"

He was interrupted by the loud American "you don't have to dude, I've actually strengthened everyone's defences, because I'm the hero and It's my duty to protect everyone!" Of course, as childish and obnoxious as he was, Alfred was definitely the type to pull such a stunt and worry for everyone.

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