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The following day, Aubrey was still fuming about her conversation with Nate. He had texted her a few times, and she refused to answer them. No matter how many times he texted her, she knew if she ignored them long enough, he’d eventually give up. She decided to spend the whole morning going through her room looking for an outfit for that night. This was going to be a great party. She figured that Nate would be there, so she had to look good. Not to make him want her, but to just seem more affective when she made a point to be ignoring him. After throwing open her closet and tossing half her wardrobe on her bed, she realized she had way too many clothes to choose from.

          Within an hour, Aubrey had tried on a least twelve outfits. She was currently standing in front of the mirror, dresses in really short, high-waisted shorts that were as black as could be, with a pink tank top with it. She tucked in the tank top and ran her fingers along the ruffles down the center. The top was a little revealing, but as long as she didn’t wear heels, she was pretty sure she could pull it off and not look too inappropriate. Just as she started to fiddle with her hair, the door swung open and in walked her sister.

           “Hey Aubs, do you think you could help me do some of this project, I don’ t know what….” Shayla exclaimed walking in with a ton of her school papers. She stopped mid-sentence and stared at Aubrey. “Why are you dressed like that?” she asked as she sat down on the bed.

          “Will you close the door, please? And maybe next time, knock before you come in. This is still my room you know.” Aubrey shot at her sister, while giving her a look of annoyance. The last thing Aubrey wanted was for her mother to see her dressed like this. Not that her mother would assume she was going to the party, but it wasn’t an outfit she would necessarily wear around her parents.

          Shayla calmly jumped up and shut the door quickly before climbing back up onto Aubrey’s bed. She said nothing. She just kept staring at Aubrey as she continued to fiddle with her hair in the mirror.

          “Are you done staring at me?” Aubrey asked as she stripped off the clothes. It was definitely what she was wearing tonight. She felt it showed off her best assets perfectly. The shorts were short and made her butt look great, and the pink tank top went great with her blonde hair, but it was revealing and showed off her chest quite nicely too. Obviously a good push-up bra was going to help that too. As she pulled on a pair of yoga pants and a hoodie, she threw the outfit into her overnight back that was sitting beside her desk. She threw in a little bit of makeup and some basic other things while she was at it.

          “I was going to tell you that you looked really pretty in that outfit.” Her sister said as she stared back down at the papers in her hand. Aubrey felt a little bad for being rude to her so she ran over to the bed and jumped on her sister. She tickled her sides and Shayla squealed with laughter. “Ok. Ok. Ok. Ok. Aubrey. I give. I give. I give. Stop. Please.” Shayla squirmed a little more underneath Aubrey’s grip and eventually the two laughed a little more as they sat side by side on the bed.

          “Sorry. I just love seeing you squirm like that.” Aubrey replied as she shoved her a little with her shoulder.

          “Well that’s the last time I’m telling you you look pretty! I don’t need to get attacked again.” Shayla smacked Aubrey’s leg as she smiled a little more. She suddenly grew a little silent and stared Aubrey straight in the face. “Ohmygod. You’re totally not babysitting tonight are you? You lied to mom. You’re going to the party!” It was as if a light bulb had just gone off in Shayla’s head and she had figured out Aubrey’s little secret. Aubrey quickly looked away and grew worried. She can’t believe her sister figured it out. Then again, it really wasn’t too hard considering what she was wearing when her sister walked into the room.

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