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Hi people! ok so this is just to help you understand what some of the characters look like. I'll do more chapters later when new characters come into the book.


Lux Rosen, a girl with blonde hair, the color of straw, reaching to her hips.

Freckles so light, you can't barely see them.

Small, but sturdy nose in the middle of her round face.

Her eyes, a hazel-brown color.

Plump, genuine, pink lips that look too good to be real.

Her structure, like a bottle. Built tight in the stomach, legs, and arms. Full breasts, but a skinny look, although a healthy skinny, more fit than anything.

Long, slender fingers with medium length nails.

Tanned skin, letting her freckles show better.

This is Lux Rosen, a 16 year old girl who believes the world is against her and her decisions.

Her wolf is a light grey-silver color called Lona (L-aww-na).

(For picture, go to and put in hot blond hair face love model, it should come up with a girl and her hair blowing in her face. Hope it works! 😊)

Lucas Rosen, a boy who wants to change the werewolf world and rules.

Brown hair, dark like the mud, hinted with a black texture.

Lucas has a strong, pointed jaw, what most of the girls fall for.

His hair up into a quiff style, with his precious brown eyes, he's a lady killer.

His long medium-thick eyebrows arch up just a bit in the back.

His bottom lip plump while his top lip a bit to the thinner side, but still perfect.

His nose is hard and slightly pointed, but a roundness to it also.

He's built nice, with something of a six pack.

His tan skin completes everything perfectly.

This is Lucas Rosen, a 19 year old who would do anything for the people he loves.

His wolf is a dark brown, close to black color called Lurruke (Ler-ruke). (For picture, go to Google and put in Boy in hoodie in tree. A boy with a grey hoodie and blue top should come up. Hope it works! 😊)

Julia Rosen, someone who wants power, but also love and loyalty.

Her lips full and pink, just as her sister's.

Her nose pointed, but round also.

Most of her face is splattered with freckles.

Brown-red hair that reaches the middle of her back.

Her structural appearance is quite beautiful. Tight stomach, with long arms and legs that are also quite muscular.

Light skin, but not quite a pale dead color.

Full breasts, that complement her figure even better.

This is Julia Rosen, at age 19, she is more selfish than giving, unlike her siblings.

Her wolf is a reddish-brown called Jazly (Jaz-ly).

(Want a picture? Google: Girl with brown hair and freckles and green eyes. She should have pearl white earrings in and sorta be holding her hair? Hope it works!😊)

Ronald Rosen, the Alpha to SouthEast Pack known as ThunderGround Pack.

His eyes are a dull green, looking like life is gone from them.

His chin is pointed, with a small beard growing.

He's a built man, but after many years of being a father, weight had began to come on heavily.

He loves all his kids, but when he orders something, he means it.

Nose is long and straight.

Lips are thin, just thin.

Hair a blonde color.

Skin is pale like his daughter's Julia.

Large, rough hands with long fingers.

This is Ronald Rosen, 43 year old who believes his order is everyone's command.

His wolf is a white wolf called Rosco (Ros-co).

(Don't really have a picture, sorry guys. 😔)

Jane Rosen, Luna to ThunderGround Pack.

Her hair is more of a brown-red with her daughter Julia, but when younger, her hair was dark brown like her son's.

Eyes are wide and a beautiful brown, more a hazel then anything.

Lips slightly plump, more in between.

Her hands are small and soft.

Fingers are long and sort of pointed.

Skin is rather tan, almost looks to be her regular skin color.

This is Jane Rosen, 41 year old Luna who wants the best for all, but has a bad anger issue that she never fixed.

Her wolf is a brown slightly red shading called Jermima (J-er-me-ma).

(No picture, sorry people, for no pictures for both parents. 😔)

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