Chapter 3

We hear rustling behind the bushes where both me and my mother know the photographer is.

“Mother. Get out your cell phone and pager right now. Try not to make any noise,” I kind of mutter and whisper at the same time.

As she got out what I asked her trying very hard to be quite. I was keeping my eyes on the bushes. I hear another faint click. this is bad. Very bad. This little incident could very well be the end of Jade Islands, my life, Croix’s life and my family's life, along with Croix’s families life. Aside from Logan, who just texted me-apparently Gavin told him about all of this marriage stuff, without my permission-so yeah. My life is just peachy right now. Just peachy! Wait! Oooohhhhh no no no no no no no no no no no! The person probably has a tape recorder or a video camera! This is-YAY!!! Finally! She has all the stuff I asked her to get out, she has out!

“Hand me the phone and pager now!” again I mutter through clenched teeth. She hands them to me and I call Croix. “Hey. Croix? It’s me.”

“Hey, Adriana! Where are you?”  he asks me confused.

“That’s the problem, Croix. Imkindaoutinthegardensandthereisaphotographerthatheardmymother’sandIconversationandourlivesareOVER!! I need you to grab some guards too.”I whisper-sob through my mother’s phone.

“Ok???? say that again but slower and not crying,”

“I’m kinda out in the gardens and there is a photographer that heard my mother’s and I conversation and our lives are OVER!! I need you to grab some guards too,” I tell him slowing down.

“Ok… wait! What?!”

“Just get your butt out here with some guards!” I say to him, exasperated.

“Ok, ok.”

“Hey, Croix?” I say sweetly into the phone. I hear another *Click*. I instantly lose whatever temper and sweetness I had to start with. “You need to get out her right now unless you want me to die.”

“On my way with about 5 guards, bye!” he says hurriedly, sounding scared. He hangs up. After he hangs up I push a button on my mother’s pager that will get at least 15-25 guards outside quitely. I hear another few faint clicks, then I hear a door open, then another door open. Who is it? I wonder. Is it Croix with the guards or is it just the guards…? I hear heavy footsteps.

“Yup, definitely guards,” I mutter almost silently. Once I can actually see that it is

in fact only the guards, I snap at them once they get close enough to hear my very

angry whisper. "What took you so long? And where is Croix?!" I snap immediately

at them.

“Sorry, your majesty, we were instructed to leave Croix in the Palace Safehouse.”

“And who, may I might add, told you to?” I ask suddenly, interested. “I mean, my mother is here with me, my father and Gavin are in Australia so who told you?” It is not likely that Gavin and my father came back early. No one really tells our guards what to do but Gavin, my father, my mother, Logan and myself. Wait?! Does that mean that Logan is here?!?! I’m about to attempt-because do you know how hard it is to sprint in 8 inch heels?-to sprint up to the house to see him and Croix but, sadly a guard homes out of nowhere and picks me up by the waist and brings be back to where my mother and the guard that I talked to before are. “So, who told you not to bring Croix outside?” I demand. I hear more clicks and a faint beep. YAY!!! Now that stupid idiot of a photographer/reporter person is taping this! Could my life get any worse?

“”Your Majesty? Princess Adriana? Sir Logan told us not to bring him outside,” the guard states calmly as if I weren't trying to get away from the guard holding me. This probably looks very comical right now. A princess, a soon to be bride and the almost Queen of the Queen Islands. Well, technically I won’t rule the islands.  The monarchy is very simple. It states that if a young woman marries someone that is the son of someone important such as a King or Duke the young woman will become a Queen or Dutchess. Is the young woman doesn't marry someone important is well… basically unheard of. Soooo….. this marriage could be a problem with some other countries. My life is just so wonderful right now! YAY!

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