I walked through the gigantic front door. It was an incredible house, there was big windows and a huge kitchen with glass cabinets and a large island with granite counter tops there was bar stools to sit at, it was very open concept. When you first walk in, there's a living room with fancy looking furniture and a grand piano. Then you walk over to the kitchen with a long table and expensive looking chair.

The walls were practically all windows, you could see the ocean from any where in the house. There was French doors that led out to a deck, that was huge it had a picnic table and a grill. In their backyard was a fenced in yard with bright green grass and a flower garden with fruit and vegetables growing. I couldn't even believe I was going to live here.

''Please make your self at home Shay.'' Jay smiled grabbing my suit case and setting it down onto the couch.

''Louis could you please show Shaileen her room.'' Louis still had his shirt off, he smiled at me and grabbed my suit case and bringing it up to the spiral stair case.

Upstairs was just as beautiful. Again every wall was big glass windows giving the view of the ocean. There was a loft that had a microphone stand and a guitar. I saw spiral looking stairs that went up.

''Do you play?''I guessed to the guitar. He turned back around to look at me. We stood right in front of a closed door.

''Actaully yes.'' He smiled showing his nearly perfect white teeth.

There was six bedrooms upstairs. I didn't want to seem nosy and look in.  my bedroom was the farthest one away from the stairs. He opened the door and I wanted to gasp at the sight. There was a king size bed in the middle of the large room with a big window onto the right side with French doors that led out to a deck.

There was a small chandelier that sparkled. Next to the bed was a small nightstand with a lamp. In front of the bed was a desk with a white bored in front. There was a bathroom that had a separate bath and shower two sinks and a small vanity for my makeup.

He set my suitcase down onto the bed and looked over at me.

''Here you go. Will this be okay.''

I nodded not being able to speak. My long blonde hair covered my face. It was so hot here. I put my hair into a messy high ponytail. He just watched as I put my hair up.

''Umm Thanks.'' I smiled. Being my extremely shy and antisocial self this was really hard, actually talking to someone especially since he's is one sexy dude.

''Sure, if you need anything I'm right across the hall.'' And with that he left me here alone.

I jumped onto the bed laying onto my back.

I felt very intruding. I mean like how did they all take it when they found out some random girl was coming to live with them? Leaving me with my thoughts I grabbed my small journal out of my bag. On the front cover was a picture of New York. Which is where I really dreamed of going to collage. Inside was tons of pictures that my mom had taken. It was her's.

I want to be a photographer . My mother was and she went to NYU.  I've been saving since I was in the sixth grade to go to collage there. But now since I have all of my parents life savings I could probably pay for it. But I honestly didn't want to use it.

I felt nervous. I just hated doing something new. It was such a bad habit of me but whenever I get nervous I count even numbers in my head.

2  4  6  8  10

There was a knock on my door making me jump. The door knob turned and came in Jay with a plate of cookies and iced tea.

''How's the moving coming?'' I really just didn't want to talk to anyone right now.

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