Fun..For Once

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As I walk into the mall, and I see the civilization scattered around me , I think that this was a bad idea.

I walk over to my favorite clothing store, Macy's, and I pick out tons of outfits. I always loved going on shopping sprees. Maybe this mall trip wasn't a bad idea after all...


By the time we leave, I have gotten at least 13 more outfits than I already have.

I remember the way Chads face would light up each time I would come out of the changing room, posing with my new outfit. He would always comment on each outfit "That one brings out your eyes." Or "That one makes you look bright." The littlest compliments he would give me would always make me smile, and make me feel at least a little bit appreciated.

I wonder if that's what Jackie needed, a few compliments to lift her spirits everyday.

I wonder if I could've gave Jackie a few more days of strength if I answered her messages.

I wonder all of these "what ifs" but it's not going to change anything, because Jackie's gone. And I can't get it her back.

I push the sad thoughts away as Chad and I pull up to my house. He helps me bring my several bags in, and hang my clothes in my closet.

By the time we have put everything away, it's already 4:56pm. We were out for almost 4 hours, No wonder my feet hurt. "Hey, you hungry?" Chad asks after we sit down on my bed. "Eh, getting there. What do you want to get?" He already knows my favorite dinner.. "Want to order some pizza?" His kindness always tends to amaze me at times.

I answer his question by nodding and giving him a smile.

It takes 25 minutes for the pizza to get here, and I can't wait to dig in, I'm starved.

I eat 3 and half pieces and I'm stuffed. Chad only had 2, and he's shocked at how much I ate. I laugh at his expression, and it's a real laugh, and it feels amazing.

It's about 8:39, and I'm ready for bed.

I get my pajamas on brush my teeth, and fall asleep as soon as my head hits the pillow.

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