Fan Fiction

Niall: "What are you doing, babe?" Niall asked. "What? Nothing. I mean, just uh listening to music." You spoke nervously as you quickly minimized the window that was on your lap top screen. "Then why isn't it playing? What are you actually doing, (Y/N)?" Niall asked with amusement. Before you could come up with another lie, Niall quickly took the lap top from you and began searching it for what you were doing. Niall's loud laughter boomed throughout the room, and you knew he had found it. "You're reading fan fiction?" Niall said in-between giggles. "Shut up." You pouted. "Wow babe. That's adorable." Niall smiled at you sincerely before kissing your cheek.

Louis: "Are you reading another fan fiction?" Louis asked you as he walked into the room, startling you. "What? Oh uh... yes." You nervously smiled at him. He gave you a suspicious look. "Well, what's it about then?" Louis asked. "Uh, it's about... um this girl and she uh... works at a um... store, yeah and then one day... you come in and you buy something." You state nervously. "Didn't you read something like that last week? You said it sucked so you stopped reading it." Louis said with a  suspicious look on his face. Louis quickly grabbed your lap top and looked down at the screen. "Louis, no!" You shouted. "HARRY! You're reading a Harry fan fiction!" Louis asked angrily, but with slight humor.

Zayn: "Ugh! Zayn why aren't you with Niall!" You shout to your boyfriend as you read yet another Ziall fan fiction. "Babe, we've discussed this. I also think you should stop reading so much um 'Ziall' fan fiction. You're becoming obsessed." Zayn spoke to you in a stern voice. "I can't! It's all I have! Don't take that from me." You spoke offended. "What about me? You have me?" Zayn asked you. "Well, you should have Niall." You said under your breath. "Drop it." Zayn said as he was getting tired of you trying to convince him to leave you for Niall. "Please, Zayn! I love you, but I would completely understand if you would rather be with Niall." You tried to convince him once again. "Goodnight, (Y/N)!" Zayn shouted as he ended the conversation.

Liam: Liam heard the sound of weeping coming from upstairs, so he quickly sprinted to the noise. He opened your bedroom door to find you on your bed with your phone in hand, crying your heart out. "What? What is it baby?" Liam worriedly shouted. "You died!" You choked out in-between sobs. "Aw baby, another fan fiction? I'm sorry I died." Liam held you as you cried, trying to comfort you. "Why would they do that, Liam? Why would they just kill you like that?" You continued to sob as Liam rocked you back and forth in his arms. "I don't know baby, but I'm here, I'm alive. I'm not leaving, not going anywhere." 

Harry: Harry shut off the light before crawling into bed with you. "Are you reading tonight or am I?" You asked as you got comfortable next to your boyfriends body. "I think it's your turn. I read last night." Harry whispered to you. You nodded at him as you began searching for your iPod. "Ok, ready?" You asked Harry once you had located it and turned it on. Harry nodded and eagerly waited to find out what happened to him, since reading the last chapter, when he was put in the hospital by (Y/N)'s ex-boyfriend. You began reading and before the two of you knew it, it was three in the morning and you were still awake, reading the same fan fiction. This happens way too often. "Baby, I would never do that to you. You know that, right?" Harry asked you as you finished the last chapter of the Fan Fiction you and Harry had been reading for a week now. "I know, Harry. They're just stories. I know you would never do any of those things." You whispered to ease your boyfriend. He always gets a little caught up in the fan fictions.

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