Days until The Eternity arrives: 63

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At least I've got J. Not long, now. He'll be here soon, and then we can fight whatever this is together. Our spaceships are so close now. I can almost reach out and touch him. 

Come soon, J. Come as fast as you can. 

Wicked Witch [220 words, Jayden/Lyra]

Fandom: Loch & Ness (2042) Relationship: Lyra Loch/Jayden Ness

Tags: Canon Compliant

Summary: Jayden and Lyra get captured when investigating a case.

"So, are we in her oven, or what?" Lyra asked. Her head was bent uncomfortably to the side against the top of the witch's trap. "I didn't know witches actually did that outside of fairy tales."

Jayden shrugged. She felt the movement of his shoulder blades against her chest. "I have no idea. Somewhere small."

He was warm where her skin touched his. Lyra touched people all the time, every day, but somehow, with Jayden, it was different. When she touched Jayden, her nerves lit up. She felt like she was touching the future.

Lyra shifted awkwardly, trying to adjust her position.

"So . . . what do we do?" Lyra asked, trying not to sound as embarrassed as she felt. They were very, very close together. She could smell his cologne. She could feel his heart beating against hers. Fast.

"Let's hope the witch doesn't turn on the oven any time soon," Jayden joked, but it fell awkwardly. There was a silence.

Jayden tried to turn to look at her, and their noses touched. Jayden's ears turned pink. She thought if she really paid attention, she might be able to hear his pulse.

"At least we're together," she said, and in the darkness her hand found his. "We're meant to be together."

"I love you, Romy," J said.


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