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 J sent me some new episodes of Loch & Ness, and OMG THAT CLIFFHANGER. I'm desperate for the next series. Did one ever get filmed? It must have been broadcast on Earth years ago, now. 

The footsteps are back. I think it's footsteps, anyway. It could be claws.    

Genderswap [220 words, Jayden/Lyra]

Fandom: Loch & Ness (2042) Relationship: Lyra Loch/Jayden Ness

Tags: Canon Compliant

Summary: Jayden gets turned into a girl by a witch

Annoyingly, Jayden's eyelashes were even longer than before. He (she?) had long, flowing braids down her back, and the magic had somehow given her lipstick. Pink lipstick.

And worst of all, her cleavage was more impressive than Lyra's. Lyra reconsidered: actually, that was quite nice.

Still, the witch was messed up.

Jayden looked down at herself, perfectly plucked eyebrows rising in surprise. She twisted, peering at her butt in the tight dress that had replaced Jayden's uniform. Her lips twisted into a pleased smirk.

"No need to preen," Lyra muttered darkly. "Anyone could have guessed you'd make a pretty girl."

"Yeah, but I'm hot, babe." Her voice was still pitched low, so the words come out in a seductive croon which sent a shiver down Lyra's spine.

"No surprise there." Something in her tone must have given her away, because Jayden turned to look at her. Lyra quickly jerked her gaze up from Jayden's – again, very impressive – hips.

Jayden's expression turned smug, and a little evil. "You like it."

"What? No I don't. Like what? What is there to like?" Lyra made herself stop talking. She sighed. "Yeah. It's . . . sexy?"

Jayden took a seductive step towards her, and promptly tripped over in her ridiculous magical stilettos. She fell into Lyra's arms with a screech.

"Fucking witches."


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