Days until The Eternity arrives: 143.

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I swear the days have started moving twice as slowly since I started counting down to J's arrival. It never used to take this long to finish each month.

Here's a fanfiction I wrote today. 

Lost at sea [166 words, Jayden/Lyra]

Fandom: Loch & Ness (2042) Relationship: Lyra Loch/Jayden Ness

Tags: Desert Island AU

Summary: Jayden is Lyra's knight in shining armour.

Lyra counted the cuts she'd made in the bark of a palm tree. Sixteen. She'd been trapped alone on the island for sixteen days. She felt so tired, and so alone.

Lyra dropped her head into her hands, sitting in the warmth of the beacon bonfire she'd been burning for ten days, day and night, hoping a plane would see it and come and get her.

She was almost ready to give up all hope of ever being found.

Then she heard a noise. She looked out over the pastel pink sky. On the horizon, where the sun was setting over the ocean, there was a small plane.

Lyra stared at it, not quite able to believe her eyes until it was close enough that the buzz of engines filled her ears.

Belatedly, she jumped up, waving her arms in the air and shouting. She couldn't believe this was actually happening. Somebody was coming. Finally, she wasn't going to be alone any more.

"Here! I'm here!"


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