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Sorry I've been out of touch again. Things have been ..... utterly terrifying for the last few months. 

It's weird to think that The Eternity would be arriving today if things had gone right. I imagined this day so vividly, building it up into a crystal clear memory of what was to come. And it all came to nothing. 

I don't know. I'm finding it hard to care about Loch & Ness as much these days. I wrote this one a long time ago - before I really knew anything about Earth. It feels weird now. Wrong. 

I don't think I'll be writing any fic for a while. Sorry. 

- Commander Romy Silvers

Fandom: Loch & Ness (2042) Relationship: Lyra Loch/Jayden Ness

Tags: Modern day AU

Summary: Lyra narrowly avoids a collision.

Lyra was texting when she first became aware of the shouting. She looked up to see a car swerving across the street, slipping on the wet tarmac. It was heading straight towards her.

She froze in her tracks, knowing she should dive out of the way, but unable to make her muscles react. The car was getting closer.

Suddenly there was a pair of strong arms around her, pushing her sideways, and she was falling, just as the car skidded past them, colliding with a garden wall.

Lyra took stock of her body, realised that she was uninjured, and let out a breath, relieved and filled with adrenalin. She peered up at her saviour, lying on top of her where they had fallen. It was her neighbour, the hot one from upstairs. He had brown eyes, sparkling golden in the early morning light. There was a quirk to his smile like he was trying to hide his amusement.

"I've got this," he said, his voice a low, calming murmur in her ear. "Relax."

Lyra sagged against his - very solid - chest.

"Thanks," she said, voice cracking in an embarrassing way. "I'm Lyra."

"Jayden. It's great to meet you, neighbour," Jayden continued. "I just wish we were meeting in less exceptional circumstances."

She'd never felt so relieved. The tension in her stomach, which had been building in a tight coil since she's realised she was in danger, dissolved into nothing.

With Jayden, she was safe.


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