Burning Ashes

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Chapter 0

It was a simple spring afternoon. Sun out and shining bright, children dancing and playing. It was a nice change in temperature. Even being on the outskirts of the Land of Fire it was still hot enough to burn you red. So cool breezy days like today were a welcome change. Well, for some.

"Ugh, this weather sucks balls." Came the pissed-off sounding voice of one woman, sunken into her deck chair out on the patio. "I miss the summer, ay? I ain't gettin' no tan in this weak ass sun."

"Language, Haruka-san." Said the elderly woman next to her, "The lord is always watching."

Haruka snorted, "The lord ay? Well maybe then you can tell him to kiss my big fat—"

"Haruka-san." Sighed the nun. "Please, not with the children around."

Haruka shrugged, "You're too paranoid, Sister Carrie, I mean come on! Those little brats can barely talk let alone hear from all the way over there! Let me live for the love of all that is good! LET ME LIVE!"

Sister Carrie sighed again, "You're such a child." She chided. The twenty-something woman shot her a snarky grin. "Ay? But aren't I one sexy—"

"No wonder Kimi-chan has the mouth of a sailor." Sister Carrie knitted away with a frown. "You are a bad influence on the child, on all the children of this house!"

"Calm your tits, grandma." Haruka yawned, watching said children run about. "I ain't gonna taint them, they'll be fine."

Sister Carrie sighed again, it seems all she did was sigh with Haruka around. On a lazy Sunday afternoon, it was only the two of them left to watch over the children of the orphanage. With the other workers off preparing for the spring festival — an annual event to give hope for another good harvest.

"What are the brats doing anyway?" Haruka mumbled, eyes half open. "They are crowding 'round something again, wanna go check?"

Sister Carrie shook her head, "Let them be...if they need assistance than we shall step in."

Haruka shrugged. "Suit yourself." Before the woman went off back to sleep.

Unfortunately, Haruka's sleep was cut short by a blasting of screams — "KIMIKO SWORE! SISTER CARRIE, KIMIKO SWORE!"

"These little shits.."


"Hey, hey! Kimiko! Kimiko!"

The children gathered around the tree, listening eagerly. There was a rustle, followed by a few seconds of silence before a blob of red burst forth. They jumped back, startled, eyes wide as they looked down at the small figure before them.

"Kimi-chan?" Spoke one brave child, staring at the mound of red laying before them.

Then it jumped up, causing the boy to fall — "AH!" He squealed, clutching his chest.

Laughter rang through the air, the boy's cheeks went red. "Kimi-chan!" He snapped, ears red. "Don't do that!"

A small pale hand brushed back the thick red locks, revealing a pair of striking blue-green eyes and the biggest grin. "HA! I so got ya, Takahashi!"

Takahashi's cheeks were now a dark red. "Ki... Kimi-chan!" He squeaked, shrinking under the stares of his friends.

Kimiko simply grinned, standing to her feet to dust herself off. Wearing an eye-catching, and not in a good way, yellow dress that was ripped in several places. Dirt smudged on her cheeks as she wiped them off.

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