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I sat in the passenger side of my mother's all black Hyundai Sonata, listening to the rain hit the roof of the car.

"Sorry honey, I had to grab my wallet." My mother apologized as she entered the car and put her seat belt on.

"If you're going to the store for just boxes, why do I have to go too?" I complained, leaning my head against the cold window. It wasn't cold outside, it was only September and still warm out, but I had the air conditioner on full blast which made the car feel like January.

"Well, I may need help carrying some supplies Niyah, and besides, I like the company." She grinned at me.

As we drove through the Philadelphia streets I couldn't help but stare at the scenery as we drove by the familiar neighborhood. It sort of hurt knowing that this will be the last time I would see it all.

My mom was recently offered a job promotion with increased pay and better benefits, which required us to move to South Carolina. She just couldn't refuse she says.

We finally pulled in to the parking lot of our local shopping center and I was overjoyed to hop out the vehicle. I couldn't stand listening to my mom try to lip sing the old school music in the car. It was like being burned alive and I just couldn't take it.

I managed to get in the store before her like always since she was a little on the slow moving side. It was only about five in the evening and I realized it was extremely crowded. Dammit I thought. I noticed an employee standing close by.

"Excuse me? Can you tell me where is the aisle with boxes and moving supplies?"

"Huh, oh yes honey aisle six." He pointed toward the aisle.

" Thanks." I said, motioning my mom toward aisle six when she finally made it in.

We quickly made our way down the aisle and began picking up boxes, tape, bubble wrap, and labels. I started to notice my mom heading toward another aisle, which I knew was going to happen.

"Mom? MOM, no its time to leave, we got to finish packing remember?"

"Oh yeah, lets go." she said, motioning me toward the check out lane.

Approaching the register, we were greeted with a bright yet creepy grin.

"How are you two beautiful twins doing this evening?" He asked.

My mom giggled a little, flattered by his compliment. I just stared at him.


He is so cheesy!

The only way we would pass for twins if I was fifteen years older and she was fifteen years younger.

Don't get me wrong , my mother is absolutely stunning for her age. She is fifty years old but don't look a day over forty. Shes 5,6, black hair cut to a bob, brown skin, with bright honey brown eyes, and a wonderful figure.

If I really look at it, I'm actually like a splitting image of her. I'm seventeen but I can pass for twenty to most. I'm about 5,7, black hair that touches the middle of my back, light brown skin since my dad was white, and hazel eyes.

When we were finally finished checking out and the unattractive gentleman was finished flirting with my mother, we were finally heading toward home.

We pulled up in front of our house and parked in front of our door. I realized my best friend's car was parked in front of her door.

"Mom, I'm going to go see Jess for a minute." I said.

"For what?" My mom questioned, flipping open the trunk as she began removing our items.

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