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"You called for me, Aunt Minerva?" The gangly 10 year old girl asked as she pushed the heavy oak door. Once she had entered her Aunt's room, the woman took a good look at her adopted daughter. Her health had improved vastly after she had taken her away from the orphanage. The girl wasn't as skinny as she was when Aunt Minerva first spoke to her.

"Yes, dearie," The woman ushered her inside and sat her down on the floor where there was a small cardboard box overturned, spilling the few contents it had inside. "You're turning 11 tomorrow, Emily. At that age, you will be sent to Hogwarts to further control your magic. But before anything else, there is something crucial that you need to know about your real family."

Emily watched as Aunt Minerva sat down on the floor opposite to her, and then handing her a tattered photograph of a family. She took it in her hands and felt the edges crumble at her fingers. It was a photograph of a man, a woman, and two babies of which the couple held so close to them. Emily noted how similar her eyes were to the woman's and how partially destroyed the photograph was. Is this from the house fire my real parents died in?

"That's your mother and father," She said, "I trust that you recognize them, you have read every history book in this household." It didn't quite register to Emily's mind that the faces of the couple had been printed in several books she found in the living room, the faces of the couple who had died at the hand of a dark wizard.

"I can't possibly be the – the daughter of – " Emily couldn't find the courage to finish her sentence, she was too confused by everything. She looked at the floor where only a few news clippings, photographs, and a birth certificate clearly stating that she was indeed Emily Catherine Potter, the daughter of James and Lily Potter.

"I was at your parents' house that night he came and murdered your mum and dad." Aunt Minerva said solemnly. She told Emily of how her father was in the kitchen to prepare dinner for the babies, she told her how he gave Emily to her arms and was ordered to run away. "I couldn't leave your mum and brother alone upstairs, but she had already locked the nursery shut when she heard the intrusion in the kitchen."

It was barely legible, but it was there in black ink. On her birth certificate, it was stated that she was a twin. Emily was born several minutes after her twin brother was, a brother named Harry. Emily had read once in a book that the sole survivor of that night in Godric's Hollow was Lily and James' son, Harry Potter. How an infant managed to live that out, it boggled her mind, but what really got her curious was the fact that she was nowhere to be found in any piece of history.

"After your parents had died, I was ordered to send you away to the orphanage. A colleague of mine had someone fetch your brother from the ruins he thought it best for him to live separately from you." Aunt Minerva said. She tucked a loose lock of Emily's hair behind her ear, no matter how much she tidied her hair it seemed to have to effect, thus remaining as rogue as ever.

Emily looked up from the mass of information at her hands, "Will I ever see my brother?" Minerva saw the same scared pair of green eyes she did almost 11 years ago, the same green eyes that cried for help. The woman nodded, urging a smile to form on her face, "All in good time, Emily dear."

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