Jellybeans, Carrots, andBlue Cookies.Oh My!!

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Hey my beautiful phantoms sorry for the having such a long time with updating things I been having projects and for no life and been cleaning 4 a new game called the Sims 4 that's coming out soon so yeah anyway let's get back to the book. BRING IN THE KRAKEN!!!!!!!!!



But when I tasted the second one.....

I grabbed the second drink and pulled it to my lips just about to drink it and Piper was looking at me with the huge eyes that made her look like she was hoping for something special when suddenly a young man came in and knocked the drink right out of my hands. I stared at him bewildered.

"Piper I said we weren't going to do the amontoa la que," he snapped at her. His light blue eyes darkened.

" I'm sorry Jason I didn't think you'll really care what happened to her." Muttered Piper.

Jason glared ah her for a moment longer before he turned away from her and faced me his eyes which had been cold were warm and soft and looked a lot like something a bunny would do. Which aka meant he was as cute as bunny.

Man I love bunnies.

As I was in la la la land Jason had grabbed my hand and pulled me toward the door saying something toward Piper I'm pretty sure they were insults by the way Piper hurt face.

"Sorry about that Piper just hates when new people come over into the facility." He said apologetically.

"Umm... It's okay I guess," I told him.

He simply nodded his head toward me. As we walked he asked me some things like what's your name, what's your favorite book, what's your favorite animal, what's your favorite color, and what's your favorite baseball team.

I answered all the questions that he asked although it was kinda weird that he asked me such personal stuff.

We reached the destination that reyna he had said wanted them at. The place wasn't really that extraordinary it was just an old abdomen warehouse that sold...


Reyna's scream had made me jump up like ten feet in the air. And I was glad I wasn't the only one either. Jason shot a glare at her which maturely replied by sticking her tongue out at him.

"Carrots!" Yelled Louis angrily. "Okay carrots are better than Jellybeans and you know it."

"Nuh-uh everybody likes Jellybeans their the best treats in the entire world!" She snapped at him.

Just as Louis was about to say something back a guy with green eyes said," Let me tell you the first three best treats in the world...Blue Jellybeans, Blue Carrots, and Blue Cookies!" He finished that with a smile.

Both Louis and Reyna looked at each other and simply nodded.


These people are just plain weird.

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