Louis POV

I looked over toward Zayn, about why Clem fainted but I guess it didn't really matter right now. What matter was that they had to get her out of this place and fast.

"Shiz!" cried out Dean."Shat the hell happened to Clem."

"I-I'm not sure," I said."I saved her from getting attacked by a zombie and she-she just fainted."

"She just fainted?"repeated Dean angrily."She just fudging fainted. Oh well, that explains a fudging lot doesn't huh.You saved and she just fainted."

"Look," interrupted Harry," Louis doesn't know what happened to her, okay. Maybe she was just I don't know had asthma and had an attack."

"First all Clem doesn't have asthma and second of all we have to go before all of the zombies come out," angrily he added."And I will finish yelling at you*pointed at louis* and you*pointed at Zayn*."

"Finally," muttered Niall,"I was beginning to think you forgot about me and the fact that I have been and shot and worst of all....haven't eaten in 3 hours. I'm could eat a whole cow!"

The boys walked out of the gas station. Jean jumped out of the car quickly.

"Oh My Gosh!" she whispered-yelled at them."What in the world happened to Clem," she took a quick look at Niall and added quickly," You're the one that got shot? How in the world did that happen?!"

Liam grabbed hold of her and pulled her to a place farther away with Niall to explain and heal him.

Ami looked over to us and stared.

"We'll explain later. Because right I'm not even sure myself," Louis said.

She nodded and helped Clem into the car. The second she was in there she pushed Harry and Zayn out of the car. Ami kept Dean and I in the same place. She said out through the window that she needed some water. Ami looked over toward us and blinked.

"Dean, go get me some Advil and take Louis with you," she instructed us. Dean and I did it without any complaints. The two of us more worried about Clem than we were about arguing about her. See Dean absolutely hated me because I liked Clem. And I didn't like Dean because well I he liked her a lot. So basically the two of us only argued for like ever since we met about who deserved her better.

Anyway, while in the gas station Dean went over towards the pharmacy section. "Hey," whispered Dean," go get some food for the others."

I nodded, quickly turning around I walked over toward the food section of the gas station. And grabbed as much food as I could carry. After that, I went to go back and get Dean.

We walked back to Ami who was getting Clem all cleaned up.

"Hey guys, you got any medical supplies that Jean could use!"Liam called out to us.

" Yeah! What do you need?" I yelled. Liam was getting closer to us.

"Just a needle, string, peroxide, and badages."

i quickly what he said they needed( with Ami help of course).And ran over to give it to him.

"hey guy!"Liam yelled."There's a truck!"

"HELP US!!!!!!"

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