I heard the scream. It came crashing through the walls. It was a scream of terror. Louis and jumped got off of each other. I terrified of the scream that just echoed through the halls. I didn't want to investigate nor did I want to see anything. I didn't want to see the blood that I knew for some strange reason was going to be there. And I sure as hell didn't want to see the horror that was going to in that room. But I did anyway because I knew it wan't going to help anybody if i just stood there. And you don't maybe I was wrong. Maybe it was just not going to happen.But I have an instinct for these type of things though. But for once, i pray that I was wrong so miserably wrong.

We were heading to the big room before Liam came running to us. "Turn around!" He yelled.

He sure as hell didn't have to tell me twice. We were running over toward a door that when opened it was filled with knives and pans and other stuff. I guessed it was a kitchen. I grabbed a kitchen knife for protection. Liam grabbed one also. While Louis being his crazy self went for a heavy pan that I knew for a fact that I will never be able to lift. Thinking about that small fact came crashing down.

Where the hell is my sister and brother?!?!

"Where the hell is my sister and brother?!" I snapped at Liam.

Liam catch his breath so he could reply, " They're with Percy and Annabeth."

"Alright," I say." But what about Jean and Dean?"

Liam said nothing.

"Liam what about Jean and Dean." I repeated terrified that Jean or Dean are dead.

"Jean's okay but Dean." He whispered.

What about Dean, Liam" I hissed.

Again nothing.

"No. No. NO! Nooooooo!" I cried. I turned away from Liam tears streaming down my cheeks. Louis wrapped his arms around me his eyes filled with sorrow and pain. I sobbed in his chest. Everything hurt. Thinking about what I felt now I thought about Jean my God she's probably hurt more than I am. All of her family is gone. No I can't think like that right now all that mattered was finding Jean and my siblings and getting out of here alive.

"Which way did they go," I asked Liam.

"They went across the room so right"he replied.

"Who else is with them?" Asked Louis.

"Zayn, Harry, and Niall are with Jean and your siblings are with Percy and Annabeth. I have absolutely no idea where the rest of their group is though."

"So you don't know where Amethyst is."

Liam shook his head slowly. "Alright," I say. "Looks like we have to find the rest of them. But the first people we find are my siblings. Only of you guys agree."

Both boys nodded.

"Let's roll," I said.

We got things we needed to leave the kitchen. The only thing I was thinking was this.

Not all of us are going to make it out of her alive.


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