Chapter 24

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Chapter 24

                Chaing Lui looked up at the sky. It seemed every time he stepped out to handle a situation, it would rain. It seems the Gods were sending out a warning. He smiled as the rain drops hit the umbrella that was nicely placed over his head by one of his men as they stood outside one of his many restaurants he had in this area of China Town. His visitor refused to come inside stating it would be a short meeting. The man approached Lui and his entourage wearing a beige trench coat and a fedora. The guy looked like he watched too many Bullitt movies. Lui knew different. Though he looked very simple and plain, this man was just as dangerous as Lui and had just as many connections. The guy in the trench coat went by the same name that gave him power: Street.

                Street walked up to Lui and handed him a manila folder. It was a little damp due to the rain.

                "New day and new year," Street simply said. "Look the old owner has let go of the leash, I don't want you seeking revenge over his orders."

                "Ah yes," Lui said opening the folder and smiling. "Consider it done."

                Street smirked, looked at Lui and his men, and walked off.

                Lui handed the folder to Luke Sung who was right beside him as well.

                "Read it," Lui said pertaining to the documents that Street just gave him.

                Sung took out the documents and read the notation to himself then looked at Lui.

                Sung's eyebrows raised up in surprise. Sung dropped the documents on the wet ground.

                "I...I..." Sung was trying to say as Lui pulled out a gun from his pants' back waist.

                "All business is personal." Lui pulled the trigger as his men looked on. "Especially treachery."

                Lance CoolWater arrived at Sean Archer's house the same time the coroner did. He got to look at his buddy once last time. Lifeless with a bullet in his head. Suicide is what the medics was calling it since Archer's government-issued Glock 17 was still in his hands as he lay slouched on his favorite love seat. There was still drool coming down his mouth as the paramedics placed him in a body bag to be examined later.

                CoolWater looked and saw one of Archer's partner Stephen Bowen standing next to Crime Scene Unit workers. He walked over to him.

                "What the fuck happened?" CoolWater asked Bowen.

                "They got him on wires," Bowen said looking as the paramedics roll the body bag with Archer's corpse in it off in a gurney. "All that shit we did, all those raids and sweeps and he got caught on a goddamn wire talking to the same son of a bitch we trying to catch. Shit, he was going to get indicted. The warrant was getting made up then..."

                "That still don't explain why he would off himself," CoolWater said kneeling down by the loveseat. "He had friends. Could have gotten a good lawyer. Why would he end it?"

                "The only person that could answer that is no longer available for questioning," Bowen remarked with his head down.

                Bowen whispered something to the CSU workers. The man nodded and then tapped his other partner. They both walked away from where Bowen and CoolWater was standing.

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