The Truth by missCharasnette
The Truthby miss Charasnette
Melissa Carinson: Depressed and Smart. Cyraide Kilman: Chubby and Anxious. Frarie and Maxine Silione: Popular and never going to make it to collage. This is what ever...
  • anarchy
  • gunplay
  • bullying
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Kathleen🔪 by chptr__x
Kathleen🔪by Chapter X
27-year old NYC native Kathleen Brown and her lover of five years have never shied away from a challenge in the bedroom. But, one night, adrenaline and a wild, lustful h...
  • murder
  • sexualfantasy
  • killer
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P R E S S U R E // ybn nahmir  by lexxcqt
P R E S S U R E // ybn nahmir by Lexxc💞✨
if you like ybn nahmir, you'll like this shit right here
  • pressure
  • ybnnahmir
  • bounceout
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feed yr anger by Lithiummmm
feed yr angerby Lithiummmm
Your name is Bianca Springs. To outsiders you're a perfect angel. Wealth, fashion, popularity. You were given it all, so what happens when someone kidnaps you for a nigh...
  • noncon
  • ericharris
  • columbine
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House Of Cards [French] by May-Linn
House Of Cards [French]by RED
Vous avez un nouveau message « ✉ » . . «En temps qu'agent infiltré tu subiras une formation, Là-bas tu vas être confrontés à des choses terrifiantes, tu vas voir et ente...
  • dom
  • houseofcards
  • gangster
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Yoonmin (•   |   m.yg   •) by ulilhoe
Yoonmin (• | m.yg •)by ur a lil hoe
_____________ In which Jimin and Yoongi are notorious rival gang leaders. _____________ BTS fanfic _____________ A collab story between two friends. The formatting will...
  • parkjimin
  • jimin
  • bts
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