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"i'm tired... i'm so tired. i thought i just needed a night's sleep, but it's more than that."

zayn stayed quiet beside louis, then said "i actually don't know that one."

inside llewyn davis.

"barely anyone has, it's okay," louis chimes.

"what book is it?"

"not telling you."

the boy's voices were hushed since harry was snoring away on a pile of towels under the checkout corner.

no one questioned why he didn't go home and no one questioned why the library had towels.

"i'm sorry about getting mad at you," zayn finally says.

"i'm sorry for saying that."

there's another silence - harry snores - and zayn leans forward to kiss louis.

it was an apologetic kiss. they always did this, just not in front of the boy watching them under the counter.

louis' eyes caught harry watching them, and he leaned back, smirking at him.

"good morning, sleeping beauty."

harry stays quiet, looking between him and zayn. zayn got the drift of what was happening and smiled to himself.

"zayn, you told me you weren't dating him," harry utters.

louis swears. but zayn giggles.

"we aren't dating," they say in unison, still watching harry's expression deepen.

"you asked zayn if we were dating-?" louis starts.

"i was wondering-"

"what time is it?" zayn cuts them off. "boys, do you want to get some brunch?"

the question was directed to harry since zayn very well knows louis never eats breakfast. but louis' question- harry might not even answer.

harry nodded, though he still watched louis intently. zayn stood up, harry followed, and louis sat feeling vulnerable, lied to, and slightly more left out than used to.

he took 4 pills.

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