Chapter Six

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Perrie was irritated, more than ever. Her and her parents were standing in front of Zayn's front porch. It made her angry and revolted, when her mother insisted that they had dinner with the Maliks, since she and Zayn are classmates. Perrie knew it was Zayn's idea, and she was certain that he planned this all along. Her father made her wear a pretty blouse with nice jeans and wedges. Perrie kept humming in her head this new song she heard on the radio. 

Perrie's father rang the bell and Perrie heard some yelling across the house and assumed it was Zayn tell his parents he was going to get the door. Perrie started praying inside her head that she doesn't kill Zayn when the two are stuck doing the dishes together, which she knows will happen since it's Zayn's way to get closer to her. He opened the door, exposing a beautiful charming smile. 

"Mr and Mrs Edwards, what a pleasure." He greeted shaking Perrie's father's hand and giving her mother a kiss on each cheek. Her parents walked in through the door and went to talk with Zayn's parents. "Hi Perrie, what a lovely surprise."

"Fuck off." Perrie hissed walking past Zayn and he watched her enter his house and greet his parents. Zayn closed the door and joined his and Perrie's family into the living room where they all sat around, while Zayn's cook was taking care of dinner. 

"Perrie, how do you like your new school?" Zayn's mother asked and she gave her a warm smile. Talking about school was such a boring topic to Perrie, but she always felt bad when adults asked, because she knew they were not that interested in hearing about school, they were simply being polite. 

"School is great, I like the people in it. Some less than others." Perrie answered looking at Zayn at the corner of her eye. He smiled at her and Perrie rolled her eyes crossing her arms, and sitting up straight. 

"Oh yes, Perrie even met a boy, Liam is it? He came by yesterday and the two have been inseperable." Perrie's father joked and everyone in the room laughed but Zayn. Hearing about Perrie's parents talking about Liam gave him a stomach ache. 

"So are you two serious?" Zayn's mother asked. 

Perrie wanted to answer, but Zayn cut her off. "Not that serious mother." Zayn replied and Perrie sighed and everyon laughed it off again, which was annoying Perrie even more. The cook walked into the living room, cleaning her hands on the apron. 

"Mrs Malik? The dinner is ready." She said and Zayn's mother nodded at her. The cook went back to the kitchen and Perrie sniffed the air, feeling the scent of the food enter her nostrils. She knew they were about to have something delicious. Or at least that smelled really nice. 

"Well, shall we go eat?" Zayn's father asked and everyone nodded their heads. Zayn asked Perrie if she wanted to go wash her hands and she nodded. She followed Zayn into the bathroom so they could wash their hands. The bathroom was big, but not as big as Perrie's. There was three sinks and Perrie directed herself towards the sink by the end to wash her hands. Zayn stood next to her. Being the joker he is placed his hands inside the sink and rubbed his hands on Perrie's. 

"You stupid ass!" Perrie said pulling her hands away. She left the bathroom and sat herself on the chair next to her parents. Zayn came back shortly and sat across from her on the table. The cook placed a plate of crusty shrimps with a small bowl with ketchup in front of both Zayn and Perrie. Perrie guessed it was the entrance. 

"Enjoy your meal everyone." Zayn said and everyone thanked him, but Perrie avoided talking to him. They were all enjoying the entrance, which was followed by grilled salmon, that got Perrie excited. Perrie was laughing at Zayn's father's jokes, which were about his childhood. 

Throughout the whole dinner, Zayn would stare at Perrie. He truly believed she felt at least something for him. They have a strong connection and their chemistry is amazing. "So Zayn, your parents told us the other day you have a modeling career. Is it hard to balance your amazing grades and a part time job with Burberry?" Perrie's mother asked and Perrie was more bored than ever. 

Zayn went on and on about how amazing the modeling job was and how he was having the greatest time of his life. But Perrie couldn't care a little bit about what he was saying. All of a sudden, the bell rang and the maid went to get the door. "Mr. Payne is here." She announced and all eyes looked up from their plates. 

Zayn completely forgot to cancel his study plans with Liam, who arrived at the house with books on his hands and a bag of chips. Zayn stood up from the table and walked towards Liam. "I am so sorry for not telling you about our plans."

"It's cool. I'm just glad you are not mad at me anymore. Maybe I should just go." Liam suggested but Zayn's parents thought it didn't make sense. 

"Oh no don't go Liam. We all already know about your romance with Perrie. Stay and have desert." Zayn's father said nicely and Liam did not know what to say or do. Zayn was giving him a pleading look to go, while Perrie winked at Liam. 

Soon enough, Liam was sat next to Perrie, and Zayn knew he was going to end up hating everyone in the room. They all started talking about Liam and Perrie, and no one focused on Zayn. He could have not cared much about, but what hurt was watching Perrie and Liam smile at each other and giggle while everyone said they were a nice couple.

"I can't believe this is happening right now." Zayn whispered while sunking low on his chair. 

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