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"Wow it's so beautiful here." I said. "Yeah. I agree." Justin said. "It's the most beautiful thing I've ever seen." I wasn't looking at him, but from the corner of my eye I saw him look at me. "Not me." I turned to look at him. "Huh?" "It's not the most beautiful thing I've ever seen." "Oh. Well what is?" he smiled and looked down. "Well it's more of a someone." he glanced in my eyes real quick then looked away again and chuckled. "Oh cool. Who?" I asked being nosy. "Uhh. You." he looked at me dead in the eyes. "Haha really?" he smiled. "Yeah babe. I mean Ashley. You're just amazing and beautiful and I've only known you for like 10hrs and I'm already crushing. Hard." I chuckled. "Aren't you just a charmer?" I said. He smirked. "I try." he said with a wink. We were now just staring into eachothers eyes.

"Hey guys look at this!" Pattie said pointing to the Statue of Liberty. Justin turned around and broke the stare. Fredo brushed passed Justin and chuckled while whispering (not very good) "smooth bro". I couldn't help but giggle. Justin must have heard me because he turned around and smirked at me. Along with Fredo, Scooter, and Ry. I blushed a little. Just a tad. Okay I was as red as the shoes Justin wears in the Adidas NEO shoots.

I finally walked over to where the rest were staying. I stood there in between Scooter, and Za. But of course they both moved around so I was now beside of Justin. Smh. They're just how I imagined. Morons. Haha. Gotta love em though. I could tell he was staring at me. But why? Am I that ugly? Wait. He said I was beautiful. Is that why? OMG. Maybe.

The rest of NYC was amazing. We saw so much awesome stuff! The people were different haha. Definitely some ruder people, but for the most part it was amazing. All the lights were beautiful. And Justin kept glancing at me. He was being so sweet too. He bought me food, we had lunch together, and he pulled out my chair. He's so amazing agh!! I'm so glad I'm a Belieber. Best. Choice. Ever. Along with being a Private Jet Flight Attendant.

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