Dinner For Two

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Author's note: sorry it took so long to update it is towards the final week of school for me and i have been worried about review. But dont worry lots of parts will be published over the summer as well as this week. Enjoy!

Jaime's P.O.V:

"You almost done bart?!?" Jaime yelled while fixing his tie. "Yeah all crash and ready to go!" Bart yelled back, Jaime chuckled and Bart came out of his bathroom. Bart gulped when he saw Jaime and so did Jaime "Y-Y-You look wonderfull." Jaime said "Y-You too" Bart replied and they both laughed and went to the resturant.

At the resturant Jaime held the door for Bart, it was a very fancy place they went too and Iris (Bart's Grandma) helped pay for it which was nice of her.

As they entered the seater said "Do you have a reservation?" "Yes Jaime Reyes and Bart Allen" Jaime replied as the seater nodded "Right this way" he made a gesture towards the two and they went to their table.

After they got to the table they sat down and the waiter who came said " Hi my name is Alex and i will be your server today, can i interest you two in drinks?" "Yes please i would like a sprite and Bart would like...?" Jaime said, Bart continued "I would like a coke if that is okay?" "Sure" Alex said "They will be out in a jiffy" he smiled and walked away.

As they were waiting for their drinks Bart said " It was so crash that my grandma payed for all this" Jaime replied "Yeah it was and i'm glad we told her first and not barry because he would probably flip if we told him." Bart chuckled and said "yeah it would totally be moded remember what happened with wally? Eek totally moded"

As the food arived Bart smiled and said "Sweet time to eat" Bart smiled and started to eat his spahgetti as Jaime began to eat his chicken he got.

After eating they left and walked to Jaime's house holding hands as Jaime smiled and went inside to see Jaime's little sister Millagro walk by, seeing them hold hands and smiled and ran away giggling.

After they changed Bart and Jaime played video games for awile before going to sleep. As they went to sleep Bart said " I Love you Jaime." Jaime replied "And i you mí amor." And they went to sleep.
Spanish translations

Mi amor: my love

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