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Bart woke in a start, it had been a week since Warlock had Jaime get him out of the coma. Jaime looked at him " what happened?" He asked, "Just a nightmare" Bart replied and they went back to sleep

That morning the two went to Mount Justice and were holding hands when they saw Warlock.

"What's wrong?" Bart and Jaime asked in unison.

"You two are in grave danger" Warlock said as he led them to a screen

" It's called the Shadow killer. He takes the form of someone who it in love and feeds on that power and then kills the lovers." Warlock said "And it appears that he is after you two." He finished

"What do we do then?" Jaime asked

"According to Warlock you two will have to hide" Dick said 

" Correct i will take you a safe house that is magically protected until we can find Razec, the shadow killer, and destroy him." Warlock said, " Get all you will need for the next couple weeks to months." He finished and vanished in a poof of smoke

"You heard him get packed" Dick said and walked away


"I can't believe this" Bart said as he threw some clothes in his suitcase

"I know but it's what Alex says is best and after all he helped you wake up from that coma, so we should do what he wants" Jaime said as he grabbed his toothbrush.

"How long do you think it will take for Alex to find IT?" Bart asked

"I don't know, but we should be safe according to Alex" Jaime said

"okay" Bart said and the two walked out.


"Ready to leave?" Alex asked

"I think so" Jaime said 

"Good" Alex said and he opened a portal and they all walked through

They materialized in a nice house and looked around.

"This is a nice place"Jaime said

"Well of course it's mine" Alex said

"Okay, anyways how long are we gonna be here?" Bart asked

"Well because Razec most likely has a link to one of you two, two weeks" Alex said " You guys would stay here and after the time period i will transport you to a new area and so on forth until i find Razec." He finished.

"okay" Jaime said

"Unpack, look for some rooms and there is two weeks worth of supplies in the pantry." Alex said and vanished.

"well i guess we are staying here then?" Jaime questioned and pointed to an empty room.

" Yeah" Bart said and they walked in.

"Hiding, it makes me feel weak and useless" Jaime said

"I know, MAJOR mode" Bart said and they unpacked

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