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Jaime woke up next to Bart happy and free, thinking nothing could happen to Bart because Jaime wouldn't let it happen. He got up and hopped into the shower real quick. As he came out Bart got up.

After the two of them got dressed they headed to mount justice, since it was a Saturday, and when they got there everyone was there and Nightwing was debriefing everyone with Wally next to him. Bart looked at Wally and remembered the night he told him that he was dating Jaime.

-----------------------------------------------<2 Months ago>----------------

"YOU'RE DATING WHO!?!?" Wally screamed being both confused and angry and couldn't believe what he was hearing.

"I'm dating Jaime, Wally" Bart replied trying not to cry.

"No Your not!" Wally shouted at the top of his lungs.

Bart began to cry, "Just because you have Dick doesn't mean i shouldn't have someone for me. I am going to date Jaime and you can't do anything about it" Then Bart sped off.

                                                                          -5 minutes later-

Jaime was on his bed when he heard a knock on the door, he was home alone tonight, his family was at his Abulela's and he didn't want to go, so he got up and answered the door. He saw Bart and smiled bu then realized he was crying, "What's wrong mi amor?" Jaime asked bringing Bart up to his room. "It's Wally, I-I-I told him about us." Bart replied as more tears swelled in his eyes. "I'm assuming he didn't take it well?" Jaime asked, Bart nodded, "He-He-He doesn't want me to date you..." Bart paused, then started to cry again. Jaime held him and said "It's okay, I'm here, Wally wont take you from me" Bart stopped crying and Jaime asked " What did you say when he said that?", " I told him that i am going to date you and he can't do anything about it" Bart replied, wiping tears from his eyes. "You're going to stay here until Wally learns some respect." Jaime said, "I am?" Bart asked, "yes" Jaime nodded. " Can we go to bed?, I'm tired", Jaime nodded and they went to bed.

---------------------------------------------------<1 month ago>-------------

Bart woke up next to Jaime, It had been a month since Bart told Wally about him and Jaime, and he still hadn't accepted the fact that they were together. A couple times Dick had to stop Wally from trying to kill Jaime, all hand in the chest crushing his heart style, what sucked is that we had a mission today and Wally was part of Bart and Jaime's team, so was Dick but even he couldn't stop Wally every time, Bart got up and threw on his uniform and woke up Jaime.

---------------------------------------------------<2 Minutes later>----

Bart and Jaime arrived at the cave and went inside. Wally stopped them and Bart stared him down. To Bart's surprise Wally took off his mask and there were tears in his eyes, not tears of anger but tears of regret, " I'm sorry Bart i shouldn't of said those things, I just thought Jaime was not right for you and I just couldn't bear it, but seeing you two reminds me of my relationship with Dick, and i just hope you can forgive me." Bart smiled and hugged Wally " Of course i can forgive you" Bart said. Wally laughed and the three of them headed into the cave for debrief.

----------------------------------------------------------< Now >-----

Dick finishes the debrief, "The Reach has started a device that will basically destroy earth and everyone has to stop it" Bart thought. Dick assigns everyone to their teams, Bart was paired with Barry, who doesn't know about Jaime and Bart, and Jaime had to stay to watch everything.

Bart and Barry arrive and start to take care of the device.

After they finish they hear Jaime on the comm " There was one more device i didn't notice with my scan. Problem is it is on the north pole so we can't Zeta to it."

Barry replies and says "Blue we can take care of it" and Barry and Bart rush off.




When they arrive they see the device has gone off, "We're to late" Barry says. "Then run" Lex Luthor says. "We're not running away!" Barry yelled "Not run, RUN!, If you run in the opposite direction then your kinetic energy may stop the chrysalis may stop." Barry nods to Bart and they run around the chrysalis. " It's working!" Bart yelled, " It's slowing but not stopping, we don't have enough energy!" Barry replied. Just then Wally comes and starts running with them, " What are you doing?" Barry yelled, "well you needed some more energy so i'll give my fair share" Wally replied, "Crash!" Bart yelled and the two speed ahead. " C'mon Wally you can do better." Wally says.

The rest of the team arrives and Jaime and Dick run out. "It's working!" Dick yelled. But there is a problem Jaime Reyes, The scarab says, "What is it?", the kid flash's slower speed makes him an exit valve for the energy, in 15 seconds he will cease. " Cease what!?!" Jaime screamed.

"ahhhh" Wally grunted, "Bart we gotta try to go slower to siphon off the energy attacking Wally" Barry yelled, "It's too late, ahhh, mom's gonna kill me, just tell Dick" Wally says as he fades from existence, "WALLY" Barry and Bart scream as they stop.

"THEY DID IT" M'gann yelled. Everyone rushes over and then Dick says "Were's Wally?" Barry walks over to him and says " He wanted me to tell you", "no" Dick says, "that he loved you" Barry finishes. "NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!" Dick yells and collapses to the ground.

Jaime runs over to Bart as he starts to cry. "It should have been me, I'm not even from this time, I should've been the one to die not Wally" Bart cries more. "Don't say that, Wally would not let you say that EVER" Jaime says. Bart nods "It-it-it's just not fair" Bart says, "I know" Jaime says and hugs Bart even more.

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