A Real Close Call

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Jaime woke up next to his sleeping boyfriend and started to get ready for school. As he started to look for a shirt. Bart woke up and saw he shirtless boyfriend and started to blush.

The impulse is staring at you Jaime Reyes.

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"hey" Jaime said as he grabbed a shirt and put it on "hey" Bart replied " I gotta go to school, but maybe after we can hang here, as long as we don't get a mission" Jaime said as Bart got dressed.

As Jaime and Bart started to wait for Jaime's bus Bart said to Jaime "see you later" Jaime nodded as Bart sped off over to his Grandpa's house.

When Bart got to his Grandpa's he went inside and saw his Grandma making breakfast "Hey" Bart said to Iris "hey" she replied "so hows was your night?" "Crash!" he replied "Cool" Iris replied. As Bart started to go to sit on the couch Iris said " Hey Bart honey can your wake up Barry for me?" Iris asked "sure!" Bart replied. Once Bart had woken up his Grandpa and ate breakfast he headed to Mount Justice and waited for Jaime.

~le time skip~

Jaime walked out of his school and went off to Mount Justice to meet Bart

When Jaime got there he met up with Bart and started to talk to Bart when Nightwing's voice came over the comms "meet at debrief in five minutes" Jaime and Bart walked to the debrief area and Nightwing debriefed the team " Blue,Impulse,Robin,Superboy,Meg'ann, you guys are going to investigate a Reach sighting and report back" they nodded and went to the Bio-ship.

As they went to the sighting Jaime and Bart were in a separate room and were talking "You okay?" Bart asked "Yeah just the reach you know?" Bart nodded and then Robin came in and said "We're here" the two nodded and went outside.

When they got outside Everyone got into position as Meg'ann physically linked their minds. Robin said "presiding inside everyone be on guarrrrrrrahhhhhhhh" just then Robin and Superboy came flying out the windows and Robin smashed against a tree as Black Beetle came out and started laughing " Weak Meatbags you are no match for me and the Reach" Superboy shouted " you bastard!" and charged at Black Beetle as he laughed and chucked him into the building and then blasted him with a sonic gun. Bart and Meg'ann charged at Black Beetle as Jaime provided air support. Black Beetle grabbed Meg'ann's neck and threw her at Bart and blasted Jaime with a energy blast. Knocking Jaime to the ground.

As Black is about to give the finishing blow to Jaime a voice yelled "στείλτε το μαύρο σκαθάρι από εκεί που ήρθε" and an magic blast hit Black Beetle making him disappear. Then a hooded figure landed and yelled "θεραπεύει αμέσως το μπλε σκαθάρι και τους φίλους του" and the team magically rose up and were completely fine then Jaime asked the hooded figure " Who are you?" Then man took off his hood and said " I am Mystico and i have saved your lives from the Black Beetle" then the man yelled "με κάνει να εξαφανιστώ τη νύχτα" and he disappeared.

After they all got back to the mountain they all went home and went to bed Jaime with his boyfriend in tow.



στείλτε το μαύρο σκαθάρι από εκεί που ήρθε -send the black beetle from where it came

θεραπεύει αμέσως το μπλε σκαθάρι και τους φίλους του- immediately cure the blue beetle and his friends

με κάνει να εξαφανιστώ τη νύχτα -make me disappear at once

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