The Speedster's Crush

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Jaime had known Bart  for a year and he had fallen in love almost instantaneously.
But Jaime had been afraid to confess his feelings to Bart due to the fear of being rejected.
So he just stuck with being Bart's friend even though he had a crush.

Bart's P.O.V. :
Bart was walking around in the watchtower looking for Jaime because he said that he would hang out with Bart.

When he saw his best friend he dashed over to him saying "Hermano, what's crash dude, ready to go?"

Jaime replied in his Spanish accent that Bart loved so much " Yeah ese, lets head to my house."

Bart smiled and they went to the zeta tubes. As the tubes read thier names bart dashed over to Jaime's house excited to hang out with his crush.

Jaime's P.O.V :

Bart ran over to his house as Jaime chuckled knowing that he was waiting for him. Bart yelled, "Come on Jaime i want to play some crash video games!!!" Jaime chuckled and ran to his house.

As Jaime started his PS4 he looked at Bart who was excited to play Mortal Kombat X it was Bart's favorite game.

Bart told Jaime " Gotta run to the bathroom i'll be back, just get the game ready DO NOT START A MATCH!"

Jaime chuckled " Okay hermano, just be quick" Bart smiled and went to the bathroom.

Jaime Reyes the impulse's heart rate increased incredibly. The Impulse is now staring at you.

Jaime turned around and saw Bart as he blushed feeling embarrassed. Jaime chuckled and told Bart to sit as they started the game, Bart chose Ermac mystic variation and Jaime chose assassin Kitana (his best character), and they started as Jaime beat Bart he yelled "COME ON!" Jaime chuckled and said " tú pierdes hermano. Yo gano ja ja ja." Bart chuckled Bart chuckled as he put the controller down and layed back 

"Geez and i thought i could fall asleep fast" Jaime said as he chuckled and looked at Bart he always was so cute when was asleep, granted he looked cute all the time but he was at his cutest when he was asleep.

Jaime Reyes your heart rate has increased dramatically, I think you have feelings for the impulse.

Yeah khaji da i do.

Jaime layed down next to Bart as he felt Bart's head lay on his chest and fell asleep.

Spanish translations
Hermano: bro/brother
Tú pierdas: you lose
Yo gano: i win
Kahji da: scrab's name

Ja ja ja: ha ha ha

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