New life

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After running away from hell into the human world kumiko needed to start her life over from the start. She had a lot of experience living on her own in hell for 17 long years but here is different, here is the human world.

It was a rainy day and the sun had just risen for her first time in the human world kumiko was frustrated, she had never been here before. "what do I do now?" said kumiko to herself "I ran away to here without a plan, how smart of me" just as she thought that a car came out of nowhere and splashed water to kumiko's direction from some water puddles that were left from yesterdays rain. luckily kumiko could dodge it quick enough, she may look like a normal human from the outside but she was half a demon, that made her different in a few aspects: strength, agility, intelligence and a few more. Kumiko thought about her next move for a few more seconds and then decided that the best thing was to find herself a place to stay. she was looking for a new home "let's see, a house. should be quiet and private..."thought kumiko. because she was a demon she was a lot faster than the average human and found a fitting house for herself. when kumiko ran away she knew that in the human world you have to have money to advance so she took items that she thought would be valuable that way she could purchase the building with no problem. kumiko got into the house. the building was already furnished, the living room had a white sofa, a coffee table and a television. the kitchen had a refrigerator, an oven and some counters to cook on and the bedroom had a big bed. "I can work with that" said kumiko "this is my new home, this is my new life".

Hope you all enjoyed the first chapter of "an angel from hell" I will try to upload chapters daily when I can so they will probably be out quite fast (no promises).

I also added some music for you to hear while you read. No certain reason, I just did.

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