::Charlene POV:: 

 Now I was in Art class. When I went in it was like I had seen some of this before. The sound of glass breaking kept echoing in my head. I felt like...something happened in here. When I went in everybody kept staring. Again. It's like majority of the things in there were broken. Kids eyes me as I walked. Luckily I had this class with Jacob, so I didn't feel that scared. But, I also had it with that Jaden kid and Brianna. Jaden kept looking at me up and down and licking his lips. I felt a little creeped out but didn't show it. Jacob was ready to beat some a.ss, I could tell. I continued to look around at everything. Jacob saw me and put his hand on my thigh. "Bonita, is everything ok?" he asked rubbing it. "Y-Yeah it's just....never mind" I said shaking my head. "No, tell me" he said as he scooted closer to me in his seat. I stayed quiet while playing with my fingers. "C'mon, bonita. Talk to me. It's ok." he whispered. "W-why is everything broken?" I asked him lowly. He paused. He looked like he was thinking. "Well, remember how I told you that you got a little upset and went off on everybody?" he asked in a whisper "Yeah?" I whispered back. "When you went off on everybody, you kinda went a little haywire and....broke everything in sight" he said lowly. I stared at the floor trying to process what he just said in my head. Maybe that's why people were so afraid of me. "So you mean I did all this?" I said pointing to a broken mirror and vases. Jacob took a breathe and scooted even closer to me. "Don't worry about it bonita. You were going through a very rough time. You were just frustrated that's all." he said rubbing my back. I felt really....ashamed. I shouldn't have acted that way, even if I was frustrated. I should've at least tried to keep my composure. I need to apologize to the art teacher right after class. Yeah. That's a good start. I felt a single salty substance rush down my face. "Don't cry, bonita. I don't like seeing you cry. It hurts my heart not to see you happy, it's fine." he said as he gave me a hug. Sometimes I wonder what I did to deserve him. He's like....to good to be true. Even after all I've been through he's still been there every step of the way. That's love right there. I hugged him back and kissed his cheek. "I love you so much, papi. Thank you." I said. He blushed the most adorable blush. "I love you, too bonita" he said before he continued focusing his attention on the teacher. I felt someone staring at me. I kept trying to avoid it, but it's like they were watching my every move. I turned to my slightest right and Jaden was eyeing me. Not just a regular stare, but like a creepy stare...like he was having to really weird thoughts. I tried to fake being weirded out by turning and facing him and waving at him. He smiled and waved back. Again, Jacob looked unhappy. What's wrong? He's only being nice. Right? Right. I don't see the problem. But. let me stop before I get him angry. Throughout the whole rest of the class I felt his stare. I felt his eyes wondering everywhere on me. It was hard to ignore it. Maybe, I should stay away from him like Jacob told me to. After class it was about lunch time so I went to go see the guidance counselor. They were really nice. They told me that everything was gonna be ok and that I'm gonna be fine. Even though it might not be true. I still made me feel better. I was sitting in a chair waiting for my papi to come get me.   

::Chresanto POV::

I was walking in the hallway with Jacob. This fool has been happy-go-lucky ever since he came back. "You must be hittin that if you're this happy" I said chuckling. He furrowed his eyebrows and shook his head. "Nah, bro she's not like that. She says she's waiting til she's married." he said cheesing like an idiot. How the hell does he not touch her with how fine she is? "Bro, I love you and all...but you stupid. How do you tame yourself from that?" I asked him shaking him by his shoulders. He laughed and shrugged. "It's not like everything we do is innocent, but it doesn't lead to that." he said with a shy expression. Charlene? Not being innocent? I would kill to see that! "I know your nasty a.ss probably done scared her too." I said raising my eyebrow at him. "Well it's not just me, you know. She's not as innocent as people portray her to be. I swear...one day" he said with gritted teeth while biting his lip. I looked at him stupid. "Bro, calm yourself. Damn." I said while laughing. "Sorry." he said simply with laughing with me. "So how's the whole Brianna situation?" I asked him changing the subject. His facial expression changed from happy to disturbed. "She actually...apologized to Charlene this morning. I was really surprised" he said putting his hands in his afro. He told me how he lost his virginity to her. I had to admit, I was pretty upset at doing that to Charlene. She didn't deserve that. Especially not with all that she is going through right now. "Wow, what did Charlene say?" I said becoming more intrigued with the conversation. "She...forgave her actually." he said still surprised. This girl must be Jesus, because if that were me I would have been pulled out the weave a long time ago. "Really? Man, that girl is a freaking soldier" I said putting y hands in my pockets. Craig, Rayon and I we never made fun of her with everybody else. We all thought she was beautiful, but didn't like her like that. We talk to her more often now. We like to consider her somewhat of our sister. I just wish we had did something before she tried to commit suicide a couple months ago. "Yeah, I know. But she's my bonita" he said cheesing once again. "There's still something that I haven't told her yet though." he continued. What is it now? "Dude, not again." I said shaking my head. "What's the problem?" I continued. "Brianna had been calling me non-stop just like Jaden is doing to her. I think their up to something" he said suspicious. "Well, just make sure you don't hurt her again." I said making a stop and putting his hand on his shoulder. Jaden. There's something not right about him. I'm in some of his classes and he's....not right. Well when it comes to Charlene. While Jacob and her were gone all the school did was talk about what happened. Even in the guys locker room they raved about how beast she was when she went off on everybody. Every time her name was mentioned he'd have this crazy look in his eye. And every time a guy commented on her curves he'd get pissed. "There's something not right about that Jaden kid." I said. "I'm glad I'm not the only one who notices. He's been pissing me off with touching Charlene and all. He knows I won't do anything with in front of her. But we'll have our time soon" he said angry. "Seriously, bro. I've seen the way he stares at her. You better keep a look out." I said. He nodded his head. "Well I gotta go, but hang in there man. See, everything getting better. You'll get through this" I said as I gave him a man hug. " Thanks man. Alright I'll catch you later, bro." he said as he walked the other direction. Man, my boy Jacob is really in some deep sh*t. I wish him the best. 

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