Surprise, part 1

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Louis = BOLD

Harry = Italics 

(11:30) harry where are you?

(11:33) harry?

(11:35) ive been looking all over the place for you. Where have you gone?!

(11:42) harry

(11:42) im getting worried now

(11:42) oh no

(11:42) you haven't gone to see that old woman in the flat next to ours have you?

(11:42) this was supposed to be our day, i woke up and you were gone!

(11:42) LOUIS

(11:42) im fine!

(11:42) thank god harry, i was worried sick

(11:43) sorry about that 

(11:43) its alright

(11:43) oh and i wasnt with that old women

(11:43) good!

(11:43) although....

(11:43) Haz!

(11:44) haha im just kidding boo bear

(11:44) ha, anyway

(11:44) so where were you this morning?

(11:44) its a secret

(11:44) come on harry

(11:44) you know i dont like secrets

(11:44) i know, i know, i know but this is a good one!

(11:44) harry :( 

(11:44) why cant i know where you were? 

(11:44) louuu, ill tell you soon, promise!

(11:45) ok , ill trust you on this one

(11:45) oh and when are we telling everyone that we are a 'thing' now?

(11:45) um, i dont know, we'll talk about it when i get home

(11:45) ok, when are you coming home though?

(11:45) im on my way now

(11:45) yay

(11:46) see you soon babe!