Can't Keep My Eyes Off of You

Storm's POV

I felt myself staring at her as she spoke, how she did everything with purpose, how she felt every word she spoke and meant it. It was just the same as when she had caught me staring at her yesterday.

Shit, I hope she hasn't noticed. I should probably start paying attention to what she's talking about before she catches me staring again and gets all angry. It's so cute though, how she gets frustrated at all these little things.

I'm was glad she was here, having this conversation with me.. Because it really felt like it has been forever since I had actually had an intellectual conversation with a girl.

She started telling me about her weekend and I just watched her, still in awe as I listened to her enthusiastically explain. I knew she was different but this is more than I bargained for. Much more.

"And then I walked up to him and demanded the price of the boot. This guy wasn't ready for what I was about to tell him. I literally just gave it to him straight, I was like,

'Look, who the hell do you think you are to treat a female customer any different than you'd treat a male customer? Has it occurred to you that this girl may very well be a better soccer player than you will ever be? No? Maybe? Well, you'll never know asshole, because you didn't give her the chance. You just brushed her off like you probably do every other female. For all you know, you could have fallen for her and had your happy ever after or whatever the he it is that you wanted from life and relationships. ha." she exclaimed almost laughing before continuing, "but not with that attitude buddy, that's not getting you anywhere, anytime soon. I sincerely hope that one day your punk ass wakes up and sees this beautiful girl on TV playing in the woman's league, scoring the last minute winning goal or something. Maybe as she receives an award for 'International Player of the Year' in the Woman's World Cup or something. Hah, by then, you'd think back to this very moment and regret not giving her the price of a simple boot. Oh, and you know what else?? You might wanna ring up that CR7 boot buddy, because I'm taking it.'

I swear the look on that guy's face was priceless. After he rung up the boot and matching ball, I tapped it a few times and chipped it over the counter and bam!" she went on, motioning to her actions as she had done them, "It went straight into the goal posts at the back of the store. and without asking, might I add, one of the other staff passed it back and I basically just knodded at him to thank him, glared at the incompetent, ignorant, imbecile who was clearly a pathetic excuse for a cashier, I grabbed my stuff and left." she enthusiastically explained as I watched each and every emotion cross her face then leave a new one.

We both laughed so hard at the thought of the poor guys face. After a while, I stopped, watching her laugh.

I have been watching Sky for a really long time and I don't ever recall her laughing this much. This genuinely. Even moreso, at herself. 

She's really something else. Isn't she??

I wonder why everyone thinks of her as the "Bad Girl" type.. Minus the attitude, she's pretty harmless.

Sky noticed my silence and looked up at me, I was almost two heads taller than she was, she smiled slightly. I could tell she was a little embarrassed by the shy smile on her face.

But as soon as the shy smile was there, her expression then changed back to the usual unreadable face she pulled when she was holding back her emotions.

I don't think she knows that she has that face.

I chuckled internally at what her reaction would be like if she had just seen, for the first time, how she goes from an emotion filled face to nothing. No expression whatsoever.

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