The Start of Something New

I was late to my class but Mr. Adams excused me because he could see how flustered I had looked when I bursted throught the door and slumped into my seat. With a worried expression he asked, "Is anything the matter, Sky, you seem bothered??"

"Oh, no, it's cool Mr. Adams, nothing that deems the need to be made relevant right now.." I said.

He nodded he's head in a manner that suggested he had agreed with me. "..Or ever." I mumbled in a low voice to myself.

"What was that, Sky?" he pressed, waving he's hand to quiet the class after he'd heard me mumbling.

"Let's do some Math??" I responded, raising my shoulders in a question and suggestion at the same time.

"Well, you seem rather interested in your Math today, weird." He said thinking to himself. "Why couldn't everyone be??"  he asked, rethorically. I gave a little giggle and started with what was already written on the board, in hopes of it distracting me.

It worked for a while, at least that's what I thought, until I noticed Jessica staring at me, when I gave her the "sup" head knod trying to find out what was up, to which she mouthed, "What happened??" 

"Later??" I mouthed back, remembering everything that had happened at my locker. Wishing she hadn't asked me about it, so that I wouldn't remember all of it. Because, somehow it filled every empty space in my brain, there was nothing else to think about.

The bell rang, indicating the end of the current period, I waited just outside the class for Jessica as we walked to our next class. On the way I told her about how Charlie had introduced himself to me and how I must have embarrassed myself and we laughed about it. A bothered look crossed my face then, Jessica looked at me, with her one eyebrow raised, silently questioning why I seemed bothered and why I let it show.

"I want to know why," I said shrugging.

"Why wha-" she asked before a look of understanding crossed her face and she laughed at me.

"Yeah, yeah." I said, giving her a light push on the shoulder.

Jessica then tilted her head to the side, furrowed her eyebrows and asked, "Why.. why were you-"

"Afraid to tell you the way I was feeling??" I finished her sentence.

"Well, Yeah.." She said.

"Well, we both know what happened last time I tried telling someone how I felt," I responded absentmindedly, trying not to remember how I had tried to tell my parents how I felt about everything that was going wrong in our house and it was no longer considered a home and suddenly I realised that I was thinking of it. I took a deep breath and in my head assured myself, "Now that I think about it, I have got to stop thinking about it."

Jess flinched at the thought of how it went down, imagining the scene in her head, I could see based on her expression that her imagination was probably worse than I made it out to be, even though the reality was way worse than anyone could imagine it to be.

We both dropped the subject after that, walking in silence. Sitting in every class exhausted me, not because I was actually tired or felt physically run down but because my brain felt as though it were working overtime with all these questions about Storm. I couldn't figure it out, why I had felt like this.

I felt more irrational and irritated at the thought of not being able to figure him out. I could always figure everything, and everyone out. I could take one look at someone in whatever situation or listen to them talking about whatever and just get it, I could understand where they came from or why they felt that way and just everything.

What made Storm any different?? Maybe he wasn't, Maybe it was because he didn't look away as I'd expected him to after I caught him staring at me. Or maybe, what really intrigued me was the fact that I couldn't figure him out.

I shook my head as to get the thought out but it only let in more unanswered questions about Storm.

The whole school day, I could think of nothing else but the way Storm had stared at me. I just wanted to know why, what he was thinking.

Was there something wrong with me?? Did he like what he saw?? What was he's problem anyway??

Ugh. I need to stop concerning myself with all these things just dogged up my mind because my mindset can get really really ugly, which is probably why I could usually just guide my train of thought in a different direction, but not this time. My train of thought was headed in one direction and one only. The one that ended with me getting my answers and I smiled slyly at the thought.

At the end of every period I would walk down the corridor hoping to see him just so that I could confront him. I had all these questions and I wanted answers. I just needed to see him, so that I could get them.

By the last period, I still hadn't seen him yet. But, I felt determined, so I figured, I have time to kill, how badly did I want this anyway?

Really badly, I decided, so I convinced myself that I might as well just hang around outside the school until he came out. But, it was getting late and there was still no sign of him. So I left, with all my questions kept at bay until I saw him again tomorrow.

After school that day, I went home and told our domestic, Maria, of what had happened today. She laughed harder than I had ever seen anyone laugh, mocking my reaction to the situation and eventually, told me not to be so serious and paranoid about it, to stop letting it make me so tense.

I figured that she was probably right and I was just overreacting. So I did what I do best, I put it out of my mind. I headed for the kitchen and had a bite to eat. After, I decided that I would have some coffee too. I took my first sip of coffee, breathing in it's scent. I smiled down at my cup and thought, "You're the one thing I can't live without, the only thing that will always be there for me and the only thing I truly loved, coffee."

I silently laughed at my foolishness in the thought and finished my coffee. I went back to my room to get my homework done. When I had nothing else left to do, I opened my Laptop and logged onto Facebook. By now, this was my usual afterschool ritual.

For some reason the Internet was slow today, but when it had finally loaded my Facebook page, I had noticed that I had a message notifaction. Curious, I immediately clicked on it to view the sender. And of course, to my surprise, and yes, I was very surprised, the screen read, "Storm Thorburn." Slightly happy, slightly irritated,

I read the message outloud as if to assure myself it was real. It read; 

Hey, :)
You are the girl I was looking at today?
Here's my number,
Text me. 

After reading it over 2 or 3 more times, I still could not fathom what I had read. My heart was doing all sorts of crazy things.. I knew I had to calm myself down and so I called Maria to reassure me of what he's message said.

She screamed in excitedness, bouncing around the room as though she had been in my shoes and she had just received that message from Storm. After her sudden burst of energy ran out, she then told me or warned me rather,

"Sky and Storm.." she said with a pensive look on her face as she tapped her finger to her chin, then continued, "..this is the start of something new. Be careful. It can only go two ways from here, Sky. Protect that little heart of yours." 


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