Brain Storm(ed)

"Admit it, you just fell for me," Storm smirked as he wrapped he's arm around my waist and helped me to my feet.

Before thinking it through, I responded rushed, without giving myself the chance to actually think through what I was going to say, I ended up stuttering, "No, I just, I can't help it, I'm like, un- uncoordinated. Or something."

He laughed at me, brushing my hair out of my face as I dropped my head in embarrassment and said,

"Hey, Sky," tilting he's head as he bent trying to meet my eyes, "It's okay to admit to it.. you know, that you have or are falling for me. I've already caught you." he confirmed, trying to convince me. 

I was still at a loss for words, no one has ever had this impact on me and I had no idea how to react to this. I felt dumbstruck.

I wasn't sure if he could tell that I was in awe or just speechless but I hoped that he didn't think I was stupid or that there was something wrong with me..

Was there something wrong with me?

I felt this thought tugging at me and tried to mentally shake it off.

Storm, was still bent forward, looking into my eyes as though trying to see right through to my soul, trying to read my thoughts. I just stood there, leaning against the lockers. I wondered if my face had betrayed me by letting him in on my thoughts but the puzzled expression on he's face let me know otherwise.

I should have known better than to doubt myself, I was not about to let the one thing about myself that I was even subconsciously always in control of falter just because.. because.. wait, because what..

Damnn it, Storm, what the hell are doing to me?? I thought angrily as I focused on him once more.

He noticed that I had snapped out of my thoughts and gave me he's bad boy smirk as if he was aware of the effect he's had on me..

He's features softened before said, "No matter how many times you fall Sky, I'm always gonna be there to catch you."

I could tell that he meant this literally and figuratively by the soft look in he's eyes and the reassuring tone in he's voice, that let out just a hint of something else, an emotion I couldn't seem to place.

Suprised, overwhelmingly happy, actually. This time, it was I who was staring at him, hoping that I was not blushing as much as I felt like I was.

This never happens to me, why now? I hear the small voice in my head protesting.

I could feel him still looking at me, trying to figure out what I was thinking when the voice in my head was at it again.

I blame Jessica for this, filling my head with this crazy idea of Storm and I, what was she so caught up-

"Don't worry," he straightened, standing tall and cutting my thoughts off, "You don't need to admit it yet, just remember, I'll chase you until you catch me."

What? Why? I don't need that. I don't want that. Fom you. Or anyone.

But I won't mind it.

Yes, I will. I don't need a guy waiting around to catch me when I fall. I can protect myself. I don't need anyone looking out for me and trying to take care of me. The voice in my head insisted, attempting to end my conversation with myself.

I couldn't believe my left brain was having an argument with my right brain and I was just over here listening, while Storm, the most notorious bad boy at school stood only inches from me, the most notorious bad girl at school, alnost. It seemed that Kiara was at the same level of bad girl as I was, but where I made up with breaking hearts, she made up with doing the deed. If you know what I mean.

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