When we pulled up in the school parking everybody turned their heads in our direction. Why?? Well... I am the schools badass while my brothers are the school hotties. We're all popular. So anyway. When we gotovo to school my best friend Jazzy came to me. "Hey gurl!!" we said at the same time. "Have you heard about the new hot guy??" she said. "What new guy??" I asked. She turned around and saw all my brothers looking at her. She turned to me and said"Lets talk in private." I looked at her wierd and said. "Okkaaayy??"

I turned to my bros and said "See you guys later" and walked after Jazzy.

When I found she was looking at a door?? "Uhh... Jazzy are you okay??" she just answered withouth turning around "Its the new hot guy!!" I looked at her wierd."No, Jazzy that is the door." I said slowly. She turned around and wacked me on the head. I looked at her wierd. She just said "What I mean was that the new hot guy is in the office." "Ohhh!!!! I get it now. Now lets go we have history with mr. Dickens hahahaha that name never gets old" i laughed the whole way to the classroom.

In the middle of the class a really really HOT with a capital H guy came in the classroom. When he walked in all the whores pulled their shirts lower or should i say bras. He just walked in like he owned the room he turned to mr. Dickens hahahaha and said cocky "I'm the new guy and no i do not want to introduce myself." and with that he sat at the seat in the back room.

I had unfortunetly all of my morning classes with him. So when it sad time for lunch I was the first one out of the classrom. When I left my books in my locker i turned around only to bump into....

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