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I woke up to the sun coming through the window and a splitting headache. I roled over to see it was 4 am and the sun was just coming out. I got out of the bed and walked into the bathroom and to the mirror to see I was a mess. My hair looked like a rats nest and my eyes had bags under them. I turned on the water, striped and got into the shower. I washed my hair with the vanilla scented shampoo and conditioner and washed my body with vanilla scented body wash.
I got out of the shower I walked into my walk in closet and put on my matching lace underwear, skinny jeans and a My Chemical Romance T-shirt. I got to my shoes and picked out my biker boots. I  walked over to my mirror and put on some eyeliner and mascara. I got out of the closet to see it was 5 am so I decited to go visit my moms grave. Yeah my mom is dead. She died giving birth to me and Lucas. 
I picked a red rose out of the garden and walked over to my motorcycle and got on it. The ride to the graveyard was quiet.
I looked at the gravestone to see it said Rosalie McArthur
                                             Loving mother, loyal wife, a good

"Hii, mom!! I have so much to tell you. But first I just miss you too much." I cried. "I told Lucas that I hated him. But we both knew i was lying. I wish he was here so I can tell him I was sorry." I sobbed.
I felt a hand on my shoulder. I turned around to see it was Lucas. I wrapped my arms around him.
"Lucas I'm so so so so sorry.I didn't meand any of it. I was just cranky and you were pushing my buttons so i lashed out on you. I'm just so sorry. I love you." I cried.
He just holded me in my arms and wispered sothing words in my ears. When i calmed down he told me "I know you didn't mean it. And sis?"
"Yeah?" I asked.
"I love you too." he said

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