"Lucy, get back here!" That was my anoying twin brother Lucas.  You see I put pink neon hair dye in his shampoo bottle. Now he's chasing me around the house. Now i'm going down the stairs and sliding in the kitchen and a few seconds later i see a patting pink hared Lucas come in the kitchen and i burst out laughing.

"Lucy. I will not kill you." he said. Here comes the but. "But..." Told ya. " I will tell Luke what u did." he told me.

"You can't do that. Plus he's not even here. He's coming monday from college."

i said.

"It is monday genious. You slept trew the whole weekend. Where were you anyway??" he asked. SHIT!! I can't tell him I spend the night with Ian [He is my boyfriend//in the book//] he would freak out. I KNOW!! I'l tell him I was at Megan's house. It was then when i figured out i still haven't spoke in like a minute.

"I was at Megan's house." god please believe it.

"Don't lie I called her she said you weren't there" He told me.

" I was with Ian." I mumerd the last part.

"Sorry who?? i didn't near you." Lucas said

"You weren't soposed to. Fine i'l tell you but you can't get mad. promise." i said

"Fine." he said slightly anoyed.

"Promise me" i orderd him.

"Fine i promise i wont get mad" he promised.

" I was with Ian and i didnt tell you because i know you don't like him."

"Okay. Why were you with him??" he asked while flenching his fists

" Cause he's my boyfriend." i stated.

"What did you do with him??" he asked

"Normal stuff what boyfriends and girlfriends do. You should know the best."

i stated. He really should he's the player in the family.

"You did it with him didn't you?? DIDN'T YOU?!?!??!!!!" he screamed at me.

" So what if we did. Why should you care? You only care about you're self. You don't even say hi anymore. Not to Luke not to me!!! YOU'RE OWN TWIN. GOD!!! I HATE YOU" and with that i rush in to my room. I colaps onto my bed in tears. I DON'T HATE HIM.I DON'T KNOW WHY I SAID THAT I NEVER SAID THAT TO HIM. OR ANYONE. I NEVER DID. HE JUST GOT ME SO MAD. Ane with that i fell a sleep cause i was tired from all the crying and yelling.

YOO!! Here you go. Chapter one. i finaly gotovo inspiration i wrote half of he chapter in scholl in class. Cause i was bored. And i didn't want to do anything.. I'M COOL LIKE THAT!!! HAHAHAHAHAHA Sorry about that we got shots today so we had 3 clasess insted of 4 buahahaha and i feel like i'm high.

I can't write chapters that often because of school. I suck at history and math so i need to study.

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