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The P. P. A. Project: Revelations


Things have started getting really weird around here. I mean, Dr. Wilcox has been more fidgety than normal and he spends a lot of time with my mom. They said nothing was going on and my dad doesn’t seem to suspect anything. Honestly, the last thing I want to do is go through a divorce. I don’t think I have it in me to choose between my parents. I love them both.

And my uncles, all four hundred of them, have been gone for a few months. Usually they will stop in and ask us how we are and then interrogate us on our day to day lives. It would then be followed by uncle Liam schooling us on traditional Irish cooking and then we would wait another few weeks to do it all over again.

I love my family. I am a family oriented kind of guy. I mean, I have to be with how much we move. It is a little irritating not knowing where we will be next but you can always rely on those close to you. And I know they would never hurt me or lie to me. I need that sort of stability.

Anyway, it might all sound paranoid. Maybe I am just bored. Maybe I am just curious. But something inside of me has been just twisting around with curiosity. And even though I have never felt at home, I have been getting this strange urge to leave. I don’t know. It’s almost like something or someone is calling out for me somewhere else.

Weird right? All this crazy talk is making me tired. I guess I will talk to Dr. Wilcox tomorrow. Maybe it’s all just… in my head. Plus, I haven’t gotten to prank on him in ages! Man, he sure does scream like a little girl.




Hey guys, welcome back to the adventures of The P. P. A. Project. This story’s first chapter is going to be published soon but I wanted to give you a little taste of what was to come as we follow Pandora’s “older” brother. If you have questions, as usual, feel free to message me. This story is just a continuation of the first book and will set resolution to many questions you may still have.


As for people who may have a problem with some of the “science” facts I put in the story, here is my answer to ALL OF THEM: It’s my story and it’s Science Fiction. Science Fiction is so wonderful because it has no rules. So if I want everyone in my world to use only 5% of their brains then I will and if I want monkey’s to elected government officials I will. If you don’t like the story just leave. I am not going to change the way I come up with my story just because you feel like “trying” to make my story less than what it is. Which is awesome!


And you know why it’s awesome? Because of YOU guys! My fans that have all been following, I love you all. I wish I had the time to message each of you every day to tell you what a privilege it is to serve you but I am a full time college student and it gets hard so I give you my sincerest apologies.


I hope you enjoy, and as always, thank you for your support. You guys really are the best.



Vincent K.

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