Chapter Eight - Titan of Destruction

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Chapter Eight – Titan of Destruction

I didn’t know where I was or why I was there but it was snowy. It was an empty spot in the middle of a dead forest with lots and lots of snow. I looked down to find myself in elegant clothing and blood droplets on the ground snow. I was also not wearing any shoes at all.

As I examined the area I realized that the scars on my arms were gone although the X seemed to remain, even in this dream. If that was, in fact, what this was. In the center of the opening was a large log. I turned from it only a moment to hear movement behind me and then back again to find Pandora sitting atop it. She was in a blue, Victorian dress with no shoes and her hair curled and long down her left side.

I grew excited that she had come to me so quickly. Master would be providing me answers any minute now. I waited a moment for him to come in. He surely wouldn’t miss this.

And so I waited. And I waited… and I waited. The longer I waited the less I felt him there with me. Pandora watched me with this child-like smirk on her face which instantly made me irritated.

“He isn’t coming.” She stated simply. I froze in my steps. The first shred of fear since my domination from master actually surged through me. I paused and gathered myself.

There was no way. This was a dream. In dreams people always know your secrets. It wasn’t possible.

She shook her head and stood, “No, this isn’t a dream. Believe it or not this place is real. I use to dream about it all the time before my life changed. Unlike you however, I grew from mine. You did exactly the opposite.”

“Don’t lecture me!” I then shouted. I swung at her but she dodged me and kicked the feet out from under me. I couldn’t believe she actually had gotten one over on me.

Furious, I stood and charged her which she easily avoided and kicked me square in my ass into the log. I turned to her but she shook her head. Confused, I paused my fury.

“You don’t seem to understand our connection, Perses. But I am tired of trying with you already. I know you aren’t going to listen to me so this is a warning.”

“Is that so?” I asked getting into her face.

“Yes, it is. I will return to my family and I will not submit to Ethan.” I shivered and she could see it, “That’s right. We are old friends. He is using you. You gave him what make you special and now you are a drone. You are no more human than a cyborg. We may be blood but I will do what is necessary to protect them.”

She turned to walk away. I didn’t know what I would do if I could not deliver her now. Was Master there? If not, would he know what happened here? Bradley’s face kept playing back over and over again in my head.

I could see his face when I woke him. I could feel his fear as I pulled him from the box. That moment played over and over again. I could hear his voice.

“Perses… what is going on?”

His face… he trusted me. He thought I was his friend.

“Pandora!” I shouted. She turned to me. I knew she did not fear me as she could obviously overpower me physically, “Don’t leave me.”

She laughed and shook her head, turning to face me.

“Make it quick. I have some floating around in the abyss to do. It’s very urgent.”

Her sarcasm was rather thick. She reminded me of uncle Casey and Connor. They were funny like that. I could tell they liked to joke around and it was obvious she was part of that mix when she had been part of their dynamic. The feelings of safe and happiness started to travel back and my scars, even though not here now, started to hurt. I was punished for such feelings and now accustomed to pushing them away.

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