Chapter eight: Dynamites, Explosions And A Nostalgic Dream

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Tsuna woke up the next day after he recalled the events from yesterday. He sighed as he did his normal routine before heading off to school. Hopefully, not being seen by anyone. Especially the Demon Perfect. He would very much like to not be 'bitten to death'. Luckily, he made it to school without any events. He sighed as he once again dozed off at his desk.

"...... ....... ...... new student! Introduce yourself" Tsuna opened a eye to see a silverette scowling as he came into the classroom. He yawned lightly as he stretched.

" ....... Gokudera, Hayato" the silverette said simply as he glared at everything. Tsuna felt the silverette' gaze on him as he turned his head away. He heard stomps coming closer as Tsuna turned his head back. Gokudera stopped in front of his desk and slammed his hands onto it.

" .....G-gokudera-kun...?" Tsuna stuttered surprised. Why did he come to his desk? Did he find out? The silverette glared once more before heading to his desk. What was that?


Tsuna sighed as he packed up. He had to stay after school to clean up today so he did it as fast as he could. He finished in fifteen minutes which would've taken most people an hour. Heading out with another sigh, he went out to the back where the only unlocked door was.
He went out and locked the door as hand slammed onto the wall next to him.

" Sawada Tsunayoshi!" Tsuna looked back to the silverette and inwardly groaned.

" G-gokudera-kun...!" Tsuna smiled nervously as he asked." D-did I d-do something wrong?"

" I challenge you to a dual for the Decimo position!" The silverette says as he... brings out... dynamites..?

" M-matte...! C-can we talk this out..?" He takes a step back as Gokudera starts throwing the dynamites. They exploded right next to his feet and he jumped a little.
His bangs cover his eyes as he ran right up to Gokudera with what looked like on step and pushed him over. The silverette fell backwards and onto his butt. His eyes widen as he hears an explosion right where he was standing. Where Tsuna was.
As the explosion settled, a battered brunette was seen stumbling. Gokudera stood up with shaky legs and caught the brunette.

" Oi... Tsunayoshi... Wake up!" Gokudera held Tsuna as he stood still. " Oi..! Don't die!"

" He'll be fine" Gokudera turned to see the baby Reborn as he looked confused.

" He'll be fine..? He was just hit by dynamites! How could he be fine?!" Gokudera started panicking.

" He side stepped the explosion at the last minute so he avoided any life threatening wounds. But you should bring him to the hospital" Reborn said as he tipped his fedora. Gokudera immediately brought Tsuna to the hospital.


" HaAhaAHA haAHa! Dame-Tsuna! You can't even ride your bike without training wheels?" A boy said as he kicked the small brunette. The young brunette fell off his back as the others joined in on the laughing and started kicking him as well.

" S-stop..! Please..! Stop... it hurts..!" The smaller Tsuna cried. The bullies didn't even bat an eyelash at his pleas.

" HAHhaahaHa! Why would we stop? No one is going to help you!" The bullies continued kicking him as Tsuna tried to stand up with shaky legs.

" .... Stop..!" Tsuna said between tears.

" .... You... Dame-Tsuna... Dare raise your voice at me..?!" The bully sneered as he pulled out a knife. Tsuna stared in horror as he walked closer, knife in hand. Stepping back, Tsuna closed his eyes and waited for the knife to cut him.
He waited but it never came. Tsuna opened his eyes to see a figure of a boy just a bit older than himself. He had stopped the knife by grabbing the bully's wrist. The figure in front of him had beautiful silver-white hair that seemed to shine every time he moved. His arms were slender yet had much strength as shown by how he grabbed the bully's wrist.

" Hey, what are ya doing?" The figure asked.

" W-what..?! L-let go of me!" The bully yelled to no avail.

" Why are ya bullying this kid?" He asked again, his eyes narrowed. The bully froze in fear as the others ran away. The figure raised his other hand and reached towards the bully. The bully dropped the knife suddenly with a 'Clank'.

" I-I'M SORRY! I-I'M REALLY SORRY!!" The bully ran while screaming that. Tsuna looked back up to the figure with surprise and admiration.

" Hey, are ya okay?" The figure asked. Tsuna snapped out of his shock and nodded." What's your name?"

" A-ah.... Tsuna... Sawada Tsunayoshi.." he stammered as the other smiled.

" I'm Shino. Nice ta meet cha Tsuna"

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