Chapter four: Ha Ha.. Maybe I Went A Bit Too Far?

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The silverette quickly gained consciousness, becoming more alert to his surroundings. He did get kicked into a wall after all. Awakening to the sound of police sirens, chattering and complaining, he let out a groan. He quickly analyzed his surroundings before realizing his situation.

" ...What the hell happen..?!" He slowly got up, quite certainly aware of the pains in his chest. He noticed the police on the scene and a rushing ambulance. He scowled as he remembered what happened. He walked off as the police tried to stop him to no avail. He stomped away as he mutter profanities at a certain brunette.


The said brunette watched U.M.A lover stomp away as he smiled nervously.

" Ha ha... maybe I went a little too far?" Tsuna said to himself before hearing the silverette swear at him. Those were some harsh words... well, Tsuna did kick him into a wall and leave him with a few fractured ribs. Never mind that. He decided to just go home for now as he did not want to miss dinner.


Returning home to see a baby at his doorstep did not help with the headache Tsuna had. Tsuna, deciding to just watch it play out, jumped onto the wall near his open window before climbing in. He sighed as he closed the window and ran his finger through his brown locks.

" Riiinng...!! Riinng!!" It seems that the baby had decided to ring the doorbell.

" Tsu-kun! Can you get the door?" Tsuna's mother called.

" Okay!" He rushed down the stairs, making sure to fake a few trips before going to the door." Umm... hello?" Tsuna put on a surprised face as he stared at the baby.

" Ciaossu! My name is Reborn. I'm your new tutor" said the now named baby, Reborn.

" .... Wait what?" Tsuna was seriously shocked. He really wasn't expecting a baby tutor...

" Oh! The tutor's here. What an adorable little tutor!" Exclaimed Nana, Tsuna's mom.

" Wait wait! Your supposed to be shocked..!" And that was how Tsuna's life turned upside down.


The baby, Reborn, had started living in Tsuna's room, much to Tsuna's distaste. He couldn't exactly go out as his delinquent self without the baby knowing. He could tell the baby was dangerous. Though he keeps asking himself why he would think a baby's dangerous. He was completely sane.... but he may go insane one day because of how his life is gonna take a 180 degree turn.
Though that could be normal for most people. Tsuna sighed as he got out of bed as he heard his mom's shouting for him to get up. The baby was no longer in his hammock and was out doing something, presumably dangerous. He went into the washroom and checked himself out like any other day and did his daily routine before going to school. He went passed the Sasagawa siblings as the older male stopped Tsuna by the shoulder.

" Sawada! Is it just me or did you EXTREMELY get more muscular?!" Ryohei shouted in Tsuna's ear.

" A-ah... Senpai.. N-no.. I don't think so...." Tsuna replied before heading toward his class without another word. He made it with much time to spare. He took out his school supplies as a bully came over to his desk. Let's just name him Bully A.

" Ehhhhhh? Dame-Tsuna is actually early today!" Bully A exclaimed in fake surprise. Tsuna looked up to him, resisting the urge to punch him and decided to just send out some harmless and nearly undetectable killing intent. Of course, Bully A did not notice.

" W-what do you want....?" Tsuna asked in character.

" I have a little request for you..." he leaned to Tsuna's ear to whisper to him." Can you be a punching bag for my buddy? He was pretty angry when I saw him this morning..."

" A-ah..." he really wanted to wipe the smirk of of Bully A's face but refrained from doing so. " ...I can't...!"

" Haaah? What did you just say?" Bully A had a very irritating look on his face that made Tsuna want to throw him out the window.

" N-nothing...!" Tsuna looked down.

" Good.. you better come to the backyard of the school after classes are done. Or else who knows what'll happen to you" Bully A laughed. ' Is that a threat?' Tsuna said in his head before turning his attention to class. Not before noticing a certain baseball idiot watching the whole scene.


A certain baby was watching the brunette from a tree outside on a bungee rope. The baby's eyes narrowed in suspicion. At that moment, a very irritable question ran through his head.
' Was that killing intent?'

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