Chapter seven: Boxing Clubs, Broken Fences, And A Suicidal Baseball Lover

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Tsuna slept quite peacefully until a certain white haired boxer woke him up. How did he know his class anyway? Oh right. His little sister was in his class.

" Sawada! Join the Boxing Club! EXTREME!" He yelled and gained everyone's attention.

" No" Tsuna accidentally let a bit of his true self out and quickly corrected himself." Senpai..? I'm sorry but I can't box.. and I'm very weak. So I'm sorry I can't join" Tsuna said loudly for everyone to hear. Some snickered and some laughed thinking he was very weak. But the boxer pulled him to the boxing club anyway.


" If you EXTREMELY win, I won't ask you to join anymore. And if you EXTREMELY lose. You have to join" though Tsuna couldn't really believe that, he complied. Tsuna got into the ring and the match started. He let the other very muscular teen punch him around a few times before getting pissed off. So Tsuna knocked his opponent out in one punch.

" I won so can I leave now?" Tsuna asked quite coldly. He had forgotten to act again.

" A-ah.. Yes! EXTREMELY" the white haired boxer smiled. So Tsuna left to his classroom. To once again sleep on his desk.


" Sawada! Wake up!" Yelled a obnoxious( he's always obnoxious tho) Nezu-sensei. Tsuna opened one eye in irritation but no one noticed.  He stood up quickly like he was surprised.

" Y-yes Nezu-sensei..?" Tsuna wanted to puke every time he said that.

" Answer this question!" He said as he look at Tsuna in arrogance like always. Tsuna could easily answer but couldn't for he had to stay in character.

" Ummm..... -4?" He said, knowing that the answer was actually 8.4 .

" How stupid can you be? This question doesn't even have any integers in it? How could it be -4?" Nezu had started ranting about him being an elite and Tsuna being a useless Dame. Tsuna sighed internally and just decided to ignore class for the rest of the period. The lunch bell rang as he went up to the roof to eat his lunch or to see the Demon Perfect. But he didn't expect to see Yamamoto Takeshi trying to commit suicide. No one did honestly. Yamamoto looked to Tsuna with wide and sad eyes.

" Oh. Tsuna" was all he said as he stared at Tsuna.

" Yamamoto..... Are you really going to jump?" Tsuna narrowed his eyes, not caring if he had gone out of character. A life was at stake here. No way was he gonna sit back wand watch someone die. That was something he would never do.

" The baseball gods have already left me. There is no reason for me to live" ' And even you have been disappointed by me'Yamamoto smiled bitterly. Tsuna looked at Yamamoto's broken arm and sighed as he walked up to the fence, students parting for him. Who was this brunette? They were sure it was not Dame-Tsuna.

" Is that what you think? If so, you really are stupid" Tsuna looked at Yamamoto in disappointment.

" W-what?" Yamamoto was confused by the brunette's insult. " What do you mean by that..?"

" Aren't there people for you to live for? Even if some like you just because your good at baseball doesn't mean everyone is like that. What about your dad?" Yamamoto's eyes widen in surprise. " Your arm will heal with time... It isn't something to kill yourself over...and..." Tsuna looked away as a small, almost undetectable embarrassed blush appeared on his face."....and I haven't paid back my debt to you yet. So..... you can't die yet" Tsuna mumbled just loud enough for Yamamoto to hear.

" Tsuna.... " he closed his eyes before he was taking a step back onto the roof. But before he reached the ground, there was a 'clank' asYamamoto's eyes widened. Yamamoto fell backwards as Tsuna immediately ran up to catch him. They both ended up falling. Tsuna grabbed Yamamoto's frozen arm as he tried to grab something with this other to keep them from falling to their death. His hand touched something as he grabbed it. Tsuna opened his eyes to see the one and only Hibari Kyouya.

" Kyouya" Tsuna said in surprise and relief before smiling.

" Hn. Omnivore" Kyouya replied. Though he didn't show it, he was quite impressed at how he was when talking to Yamamoto. He seemed to have complete confidence and a very demanding yet gentle aura. He would have to investigate this later.
The Demon Perfect stared at them before hauling them up. Tsuna and Yamamoto landing in the room with a half summersault.

" Itte...!" Tsuna said as he rubbed his his as it had slammed into the floor. He looked up to see that the Demon Perfect was already gone. Tsuna sighed before standing up to leave. He stopped when someone grabbed his shoulder.

" Tsuna" he turned around to face Yamamoto." Thank you" Tsuna gave a small smile and nod before walking off.

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