Chapter 15: Team 7

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"Became your friend? Then why?" Naruto asked in perplexity.

"That is why... That is why, it is worth killing you," Sasuke answered nonchalantly.

"I don't quite get it, but you seem serious about killing me, don't you? Sasuke..." The blonde-haired ninja muttered, hoping his rival and friend don't mean it.

Then all of a sudden, both of them head towards each other and collided their fists while the other attempts to kill him after learning about the Secrets of Mangekyou Sharingan. The dark-haired ninja threw a kunai knife at Naruto, but ends up through the waters.

The blonde-haired ninja glanced behind his back and noticed a foot being kicked on him, which sends him flying across the river. But he managed to stand up on his feet.

"I said this before. But even you were waiting very anxiously for this, right? Neither Kakashi nor Sakura are here right now. There won't be anyone to stop things like last time. I'll say it once more. I'll kill you," Sasuke said smirking triumphantly as he quickly made a few hand signs, indicating Chidori technique.

Naruto narrowed his eyes and uttered in declaration when he performs his Shadow Clone jutsu. "Bastard... I'll beat you back to your old self!"

Once they were dashing again, they made an impact without stopping themselves to keep pushing forward. Though, they stumbled back on the waters rippling in tides because of their powers crashing.

Sasuke got up and kneeled down, whereas Naruto was laying down in the water and thought unhappily at how serious he is to kill him.

"Can you kill me calmly, Sasuke?" The blonde-haired ninja's sorrowful tears were streaming down in his face, much to the dark-haired ninja's amusement.

"Do you know, Naruto, that if you and your opponent are first class ninjas, you can only read inside each other's minds when your fists meet. There is no need for words. You're naive, aren't you, Naruto?" Sasuke remarked and continued on. "How can you read my mind?!" He then rapidly uses Fireball Jutsu on him, but missed it.

The blonde-haired ninja dodged his attack, yet he was immediately been kicked off towards the waters. He was grabbed by his orange jumpsuit as he was being lifted up on his feet. He let Sasuke continued to beat him up as he coughed up blood."Regrettably, I decided you would be my rival! I didn't want to lose... Because I was called a loser, I thought that all the time. Even when we became team 7, I thought the same... Stubbornly continued to life, but... I always wanted to be like you. I aspired to be like you. Because of that, that time... I was truly glad, you acknowledged me. Since those were the first words... But, our fists didn't have to meet for me to understand. From that time, we haven't spoken, we... It's not meaningless to me, you have become a close friend. But if you seriously want to kill me, maybe I thought I was your only willing friend..."

"It's too late now!! Naruto!" Sasuke smiled maliciously as he was about to hit him with his Chidori.

Meanwhile, Kakashi Hatake finds out about Sasuke's abandonment from Tsunade.

"So, only those 5 rookies went to get Sasuke..." Kakashi repeated in astonishment.

"There was no other choice, given the situation of the village," Tsunade stated.

"We've hit the necessary minimum," he mumbled sternly as he turned around, leaving the room. A few minutes later, he decides to summon his ninja dogs to fetch off Naruto and Sasuke's scent and thought to himself. "I was naive... With that, it's possible for them to kill each other."

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