Dear Alex,

                After some careful consideration and reading your whole diary, I have decided that yes, you probably are in love with me XD (Also, I’m not as good a writer as you and I use emoticons so this is going to completely bring down the tone of your diary =p)

                Even though I nearly fell off my bed when you wrote that you wanted to have sex with me (yesyesyesyesyes) there are a few things I want to say here before I go over (hopefully you won’t be asleep even though it’s almost three o clock).

                Firstly, yes, I did look at you weirdly after the kiss after the picnic (also, I think it’s weird that we had our first kiss on my sister’s bed) because all that stuff you said, about fireworks and tingling and all that, I felt that too and it was, you know, amazing, like it always is, but also a bit of a shock because, I dunno, I’d been feeling kind of weird about you all day, when we were cuddling during the picnic because it was cold and then we walked to the service phone together and then I had to keep my arm around you the whole way home because you kept falling over, and then I guess the kiss was just sort of the cherry on top of my sexuality crisis haha =p

                Also, I must seem really dense that I didn’t notice at any point that both you and Andie had crushes on me! I can’t believe Teegan knew and she didn’t tell me. Also I can’t believe that you and Andie, and you and Teegan, and Andie and Teegan, all had IM conversations about you and me, and I’m the only one who had no idea XD Perhaps you are not dating a genius after all :(

                I kind of don’t want to give this back, it’s nice seeing myself through your eyes. Maybe I’ll start keeping a diary and then we can swap every month or something XD Although I think I’d be useless at keeping a diary, I don’t have the patience to write everything down. I think I’d much rather spend that time being with you rather than writing about you :)

                Hmm. This isn’t as eloquent a love letter as yours was to me. I think I’ll stop writing now and just go over to yours and show you how much I love you instead :)


Dexter xxx

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