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Pen Your Pride


I’m sitting in bed with my heart pounding. The Andersons (our new neighbours) just left and my mom’s all happy because they’re lovely and Andie is in the bathroom humming as she brushes her teeth because she’s fallen in love with Dexter.

                Yeah. His name is Dexter. What are the odds that a veritable Adonis would be named the geekiest name in creation?

                But whatever. He’s so attractive and cool that he somehow pulls it off.

                Okay. I may as well start at the beginning.

                Andie came over in the afternoon because what else does she ever do with her life except bug me, and when my mom asked her timidly to stay for dinner, Andie sniffed like she’d just found dog turd on her shoe and said, ‘I suppose I could do that.’ She was only acting like it was a chore because she’s so pissed off at my parents about the divorce though; in actuality she was thrilled because I’d told her the Andersons were coming around, and, as I mentioned, she has dibsed Dexter.

                ‘You’re not to make him uncomfortable,’ I warned her, as we got ready in my room. It was to be a sit-down, fancy dinner and I was to wear a shirt and actually iron my jeans. Andie was wearing a sundress even though it’s October and has already started raining incessantly.

                Andie blinked her big, round brown eyes at me. ‘As if I would.’

                ‘You are an outrageous flirt,’ I reminded her unnecessarily.

                ‘That doesn’t make boys uncomfortable. Boys like when I flirt with them.’ She paused. ‘Well,’ she added, with a smirk. ‘Except for Gary.’

                ‘You made Elijah Goldman cry last year.’

                Andie flushed bright red with anger. ‘Elijah Goldman is a cad who doesn’t know what he missed out on,’ she retorted.

                ‘He wee-ed himself a bit too.’

                ‘I dodged a bullet with that one.’

                ‘You tried to pin him to a tree and make him feel your boobs.’

                ‘I’d just gotten my nipple pierced and I thought he’d be interested.’

                ‘Please don’t bring that up  when they come over.’

                ‘I didn’t even bring it up now! You did!’

                I stopped talking then because she was right.

                The doorbell rang at eight sharp and we looked at each other briefly before darting across the room to my window and looking down to try and see them as they stood at the door. All four of them were beautiful, I could see from our vantage point. The boy and his sister had a similar bone structure, which was just as breath-taking on a girl as it was on a guy. Their dad had curly dark hair with touches of grey at the temples and their mom was blonde and petite.

                ‘Alex! Andie!’ My mom was at the bottom of the stairs. ‘The Andersons are here!’

                ‘That’s my cue,’ Andie said, winking at me and pulling the front of her dress down a bit. I groaned internally and followed her downstairs, where my mom was just welcoming the new family into the front hall.

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